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  1. Redington Grande Fly Reel
    $329.99 - $379.99
  2. Redington Behemoth Fly Reel
    $129.99 - $149.99
  3. Redington Rise III Fly Reel
    $219.99 - $249.99
  4. Redington Zero Fly Reel
  5. Redington Run Fly Reel
  6. Redington Crosswater Fly Reel
  7. Redington Tilt Fly Reel
  8. Redington i.D Fly Reel
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Redington has always been committed to the mission of affordability, quality, and versatility. Under Far Bank’s umbrella, Redington is the little brother of the larger rod and reel maker Sage. Redington’s mission is a bit different than Sage’s mission, however. Redington aims to provide quality products to the masses through conscious construction and intelligent design. Therefore, you won’t see $900 rods or $600 reels in Redington’s lineup. In fact, Redington leaves the creation of expensive reels and rods to Sage. Redington instead focuses on high-quality products at the mid- and entry-level price point. The result is a collection of fly fishing gear that performs well without unnecessary bells and whistles. Redington reels exemplify this mission. Redington’s reel lineup includes reels like the Redington Grande, Redington Behemoth, Redington Rise, and many more.

The Redington Grande is Redington’s flagship saltwater reel series. This reel is a true heavyweight champion. The Grande features a fully anodized, CNC machined aluminum design for ultimate corrosion resistance. Redington has also introduced a new Super-Torque carbon drag system in the Grande. This drag system provides insane fish-stopping power for the largest saltwater targets. The Grande also features an enlarged soft-touch, anti-snag handle to increase grip comfort. Redington hasn’t left a single detail unattended on this reel. The result is one of the most high-performing, value-packed reels on the market.

Redington’s Behemoth reel series is a close cousin to the Grande. While the Behemoth sports a die-cast construction rather than the fully machined look of the Grande, the two reels share some important features. The Behemoth has insanely powerful super-heavy duty carbon fiber drag like the Grande. The Behemoth is a stellar saltwater reel option similar to the Grande and enters the market at a much lower price. The Behemoth’s die-cast build isn’t as durable as the machining on the Grande but that’s to be expected on a lower priced reel. For the price, the Behemoth is a great option that gets the job done on the water.

The Rise is another high-quality reel from Redington. The Rise comes in both freshwater and saltwater sizes. Perfect for small streams or flats fishing, the Rise is lightweight, fully CNC machined, and aptly durable. A large arbor design allows fast line pickup and industry-leading fish fighting power. The Rise also has a powerful drag system, a trademark of Redington reels. The Rise is just about as smooth as it gets; in appearance, functionality, and design. Whether you’re navigating a big western river or spending time in the salt, the Rise provides unparalleled performance.

The Redington Run Fly Reel is a versatile, high-performance fly reel designed for freshwater and light saltwater applications. Constructed with a lightweight, yet durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, it offers excellent strength and rigidity while maintaining a comfortable feel in hand. The Run Fly Reel features a fully-sealed carbon fiber drag system that provides smooth, consistent line control, allowing for precise casts and confident hooksets. Its large arbor design ensures quick line retrieval, reducing line memory and allowing for rapid line pickup when fighting fish. With a sleek, modern aesthetic and a variety of size options to suit different fishing scenarios, the Redington Run Fly Reel is a reliable choice for anglers of all experience levels.

The Redington Tilt Fly Reel is an innovative, performance-driven reel designed to cater to the needs of serious anglers. Its standout feature is the adjustable drag system, which allows for customizable drag settings to suit various fishing conditions and target species. The Tilt Fly Reel is constructed from high-quality, CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum for maximum durability and features a large arbor design for fast line retrieval. Its fully-sealed carbon fiber drag system provides smooth line control and protection from the elements, making it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater environments. With its sleek design and advanced functionality, the Redington Tilt Fly Reel is an excellent choice for anglers seeking a high-performance fly reel that can adapt to their fishing needs.

The Redington I.D Fly Reel is a unique, customizable reel that offers both performance and personalization. Its most notable feature is the flat back surface, which allows for the attachment of custom decals, letting anglers showcase their personality and style while on the water. Beyond its visual appeal, the I.D Fly Reel also boasts a reliable, smooth drag system that provides consistent line control and a large arbor design for quick line retrieval. Its die-cast aluminum construction ensures durability without sacrificing weight, making it suitable for a variety of fly fishing applications. With its blend of performance and customization options, the Redington I.D Fly Reel is a great choice for anglers looking to express their individuality without compromising on quality.

Redington’s resume of reels truly reflects the company’s ability to create products for every angler. Shop the complete collection of Redington fly reels at for the lowest prices and FREE SHIPPING on all US orders.