Lamson Litespeed F Fly Reel

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Taking inspiration from their classic Litespeed, Lamson’s Litespeed F has everything that the original does but is geared specifically for freshwater pursuits. Made to be super lightweight, the Litespeed F sports a sleek open look that makes for quick line drying with minimal weight. Lamson gives this reel a chassis similar to their other reels but with the addition of click stop drag knob and unique spring system--these two features combine to give a smooth, linear progression of torque. A solid choice whether you’re casting to rising trout or angry bass, Lamson’s Litespeed F Fly Reel looks good and has performance that you can count on.


Gen 6 Design - Their newest design for 2021, this Gen 6 construction is CNC machined and has an ultra lightweight feel. Not only is the Litespeed F a high-performance reel with a lightweight construction, but in its Gen 6 design, it has material in all of the right places and gives a stable and strong feel.



Conical Drag - One of Lamson’s key features is their simple but solid Conical Drag, and the Litespeed F is no stranger to this system. However, Lamson takes this reel a step further and gives it a click stop drag knob and unique spring system that combine to give a smooth linear progression of torque. The conical drag on the Litespeed F is fully sealed to prevent contamination and maintain a smooth feel. The Litespeed’s conical drag differs from other drag systems in that, instead of the typical flat counter-rotating discs, you get a pair of matched cones with excellent precision--a slightly different design but one that’s stood the test of time and works flawlessly.


Arbor Size

Extra Large Arbor - Lamson’s Litespeed F has an Ultra Large arbor that makes for quick line pickup speed while still providing space to hold more than enough backing and fly line. Perfect for handling those aggressive freshwater fish, you’ll find that this Ultra Large arbor is lightweight but balances your rod well and looks good doing it. 



Lamson Warranty - As of January 2021, Lamson offers the original owner a lifetime warranty that covers defects in material and/or workmanship. Lamson’s warranty does not cover issues due to user error, misuse, or improper maintenance. Lamson charges a $30 processing fee. 

More Info

Best for: All Water, Dry Flies, Nymphing, Small Streams, and Stillwater

Arbor Size: Extra Large

Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
7+4 in.4.5 oz.Large150 yds 20#7Whisky$579.99
7+4 in.4.5 oz.Large150 yds 20#7Fuego$579.99
3+3.5 in.3.1 oz.Large75 yds 20#3Whisky$539.99
3+3.5 in.3.1 oz.Large75 yds 20#3Fuego$539.99
5+3.75 in.3.6 oz.Large125 yds 20#5Whisky$539.99
5+3.75 in.3.6 oz.Large125 yds 20#5Fuego$539.99
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