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  1. Tacky Pescador Fly Box
    $24.95 - $69.95
  2. The Penobscot Fly Box
  3. Fishpond Fly Puck
  4. Out of stock
    Cliff Bugger Barn Fly Box
  5. Plan D Pack Max Fly Box
  6. Tacky Pescador Magpad Fly Box
    $29.95 - $45.95
  7. The Little River Fly Box
  8. The Casco Bay Fly Box
  9. Tacky Pescador Leaflet
    $24.95 - $34.95
  10. The Saco Fly Box
  11. Tacky Double Haul Fly Box
  12. The Kennebec Fly Box
  13. Plan D Pack Fly Box
    $24.99 - $34.99
  14. Tacky Daypack Fly Box
  15. Cliff's Crab Shack Fly Box
  16. Smith Creek Rig Keeper
  17. Plan D Pocket Fly Box
    $24.99 - $34.99
  18. Hareline 21 Compartment Box
  19. Plan D Pocket Max Fly Box
    $24.99 - $44.99
  20. Tacky Original Fly Box - 2X
  21. Tacky Magpad Fly Dock
  22. Umpqua UPG Silicone Weekender Fly Box
    $29.99 - $34.99
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Fly boxes are one of the most essential pieces of gear in fly fishing. After all, you can’t fish with flies if you don’t have anywhere to store them during your time on the river. Fly boxes offer efficient storage for flies, hooks, and more so you can bring a variety of patterns with you on the water to increase your chances of success. Fly boxes come in a variety of sizes and styles for every type of fly from streamers to nymphs to dry flies and everything in between. Luckily, we carry a huge selection of the best fly boxes in the industry so you can choose which one fits your fishing style best. 


C&F is one of the most popular brands in fly box manufacturing. In fact, we carry over 60 models of C&F fly boxes so chances are we have one that’ll fit your style. From the C&F Medium Waterproof Micro Slit Foam for small streamers to the C&F Small Compartment System for tiny dry flies, the variety of C&F boxes is really astounding. C&F boxes are made with high-quality foam, built on durable plastic frames, and designed to stand up to years on the water. They come in a range of sizes, prices, and styles for everything from Atlantic Salmon Flies to streamers for Striped Bass. 


Another popular fly box manufacturer is Cliff Outdoors. Cliff is known for the Bugger Beast Fly Box, a box that offers a huge amount of space for the largest streamers in the game. They also have smaller boxes including the Days Worth Fly Box and the Crab Shack Box for saltwater fishing. Some cliff boxes have a see-through plastic outside that allows you to know exactly what flies are in your box for quick identification on the water. 


Hareline is another fly box manufacturer that offers a variety of compartmented fly storage boxes and traditional fly boxes. The Hareline Eco Leather Fly Box is a great little box for dry flies and features a durable leather-like exterior. The Hareline compartment boxes are also popular. From 6 compartment boxes to 21 compartment boxes, these plastic storage containers are great for hooks, flies, materials, and more. Hareline is better-known as a fly tying material manufacturer, but they carry some nice fly box offerings, too. 


 More of our favorite fly boxes are made by Plan D. Plan D boxes are known for their ruggedly durable designs, waterproof seal, and incredible storage capabilities. Take the Plan D Pack Max Box, for example. This box is designed to store up to 40 of your favorite articulated streamers and has hooks at either end to keep your flies neatly organized. Plan D also makes some smaller boxes like the Pocket Fly Box for a handful of smaller crab patterns or nymphs. 


Whether you’re looking for a box to store hooks and materials or a box to carry with you on the water, we have over 100 boxes in stock for all of your fly storage needs. These boxes are high-quality, durable, and allow you to bring the flies you need on the water so you’ll never have to wish you had that secret fly again. 

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