Learn how to tie the Perdigon fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.





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The Perdigon is a hugely productive Euro nymphing pattern that uses sparse materials and an epoxy coating to sink straight to the bottom. This fly has a small profile to imitate a mayfly nymph. Tied on a jig hook with a tungsten bead, this is a staple trout fly for competition anglers and Euro anglers all over the world. Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this simple, small, heavy mayfly nymph.


Step One:

Start the fly by seating the bead in the bend behind the hook eye and adding Lead Wire. Take 6 wraps of lead wire and push it forward to secure the bead in place.

Step Two:

Next, start your thread and tie in the tail of the fly. Using the Veevus 16/0 White Thread, start building a small taper by stacking some wraps behind the Lead Wire. Choose a few strands of Coq De Leon and tie them in above the hook bend on top of the hook shank. Return your thread to just behind the Lead Wire.

Step Three:

Tie in a section of UTC Brassie Ultra Wire right behind the Lead Wire. This will be used to rib the fly later after we wrap the body.

Step Four:

Tie in the Antron Yarn, again right behind the Lead Wire, and wrap your thread rearward to the tail to secure the Yarn in place. Return your thread to just behind the bead and wrap the Yarn forward taking touching turns to create the body of the fly. Tie off the Yarn right behind the bead and cut off any excess Yarn. 

Step Five:

Next, wrap the UTC Brassie Ultra Wire forward taking open turns to rib the fly. The ribbing increases durability and adds segmentation to the fly. Tie off the wire right behind the bead and helicopter off any excess wire. Throw a whip finish and cut off the white thread. 

Step Six:

Start the Fl. Fire Orange thread and take several wraps right behind the bead to create a hotspot. After creating a hotspot, whip finish and cut off the orange thread. 

Step Seven:

Next, cover the entire fly in UV Clear Fly Finish. This will add durability to the fly and decrease its friction in the water so it sinks like a rock. 

Step Eight:

Finally, add UV Clear Fly Finish in Black to the top of the bead and just behind the bead to create the wing casing. This will help create a lifelike mayfly profile that the trout key in on. 

Step Nine:

And that's the Perdigon! A relatively simple fly to tie and a great pattern for Euro or tight line nymphing. Once you get the hang of this pattern you can tie multiple in a short period of time. Happy trout hunting! 


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