Rio Dacron Backing

RIO's traditional Dacron braided backing features high strength and low stretch and is unsurpassed in quality. Good compromise between thinness and the ability to make blind splice loops Easier to knot than brands that are very thin but have too tight a weave for a blind splice loop New for 2012: 5000yd 20lb and 30lb spools in chartreuse

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Rio Dacron Backing Reviews

Great Backing Review by Mark
Posted on 6/9/17
I've been using this backing exclusively for over 5 years now. It is very dependable and has an exception life span. I love getting it in the 100 yard spools because it take no time at all to get rigged up on your reel. Very good quality product!
It does its job Review by Ken
Posted on 3/27/17
This backing is just fine. I was hoping the 20# had a tight enough weave to make blind splices, but I couldn't make that happen. Thus, I've been using it for various nail knots, etc. The high-vis chartreuse is pretty good in that regard.
You Can Depend On It Review by adam
Posted on 11/22/12
Rio Dacron backing is extremely durable and has an extra-long life. I have had it on my spools for 5-10 years. Only got into my backing a few times while fishing for salmon and this held up with no problem even while applying a great deal of pressure to slow down the run. The hi-vis color is very helpful and can help as an indicator. I also use this material as stoppers for ice fishing with slip bobbers. Great quality product that you can count on.

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Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
100yd 20lb 9.0kg $9.95
2400yd 20lb 9.0kg $129.95
100yd 20lb 9.0kg $9.95
2400yd 30lb 13.6kg $149.95
100yd 30lb 13.6kg $9.95
2400yd 30lb 13.6kg $149.95
100yd 30lb 13.6kg $9.95
2400yd 20lb 9.0kg $129.95
200yd 20lb 9.0kg $15.95
300yd 30lb 13.6kg $24.95
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