Popovics Pop Fleye Sandeel Fly

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Tied by Montana Fly Company.


A saltwater staple that takes realism and durability to levels not previously found, Popovics Pop Fleye Sandeel Fly is one that every angler should have. When it comes to the Popovics Pop Fleye Sandeel, necessity was the mother of invention; Bob created this famous Surf Candy Fleye after being sick of bluefish tearing up his flies after only a fish or two. Taking inspiration from Joe Brook’s Blondes, Bob found that he could take the epoxy (now it’s UV resin) all the way beyond the hook’s bend and create a fly that’s durable enough for bluefish, barracuda, albies, and so many more toothy species, and not only was this fly durable, but it also provided the translucent qualities often found in juvenile baitfish. 


Fast forward a few decades and Bob’s Surf Candy has remained mostly unchanged and is a reliable way to recreate a variety of baitfish, and in this case, his fly is matching the sandeel. Sandeels are a type of minnows that are found in a variety of saltwater environments ranging from flats, tidal rivers, offshore areas, estuaries, and many other places. Considering the sandeel is such a prevalent baitfish, this is a fly that should always be in your box. Tied with a body of UV resin, accented with flash, and sporting one of Bob’s Fleye Foils, this fly is a direct match to sandeels. A school of sandeels can pop up whether you’re in North Carolina or Maine and the blitzes can be furious, so this is a fly that should be on hand all season long, and don’t worry, even when there isn’t a blitz, this is a fantastic searching pattern in almost any saltwater environment. 


Sizes Available:

02, 1/0


Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.


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