Loop has shaken up the fly rod market with what may be the greatest innovation we’ve seen in the current century. The 7X rod series delivers a heptagonal blank design for performance like we’ve never seen. The 7X tracks beautifully with lightning-fast recovery speeds and laser tight loops. Top-end componentry makes the 7X incredible at shooting line and standing up to the elements. Structural support makes this rod one of the strongest on the market for increased durability and extreme power. If you’ve been waiting to purchase your next fly rod, wait no longer. This rod may be the biggest engineering feat we’ve ever seen from Loop.

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Loop 7X 9' 5wt Fly Rod
Lamson Litespeed Fly Reel
Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

Fit & Finish


Loop paid extra attention to the componentry on the 7X. After all, what's a revolutionary blank design worth if componentry limits performance? The 7X has Torzite-style titanium stripping guides and titanium snake guides that accommodate any fly line and stand up to years of wear-and-tear. The reel seat also carries the 7-sided design and is a combination of anodized aluminum and carbon fiber with a 7X logo for easy rod identification. High-quality cork forms a comfortable rod handle and a Grey/Black blank color keeps the 7X stealthy and stylish. Like all high-end fly rods, the 7X comes in an aluminum rod tube for protection during transportation and travel.


Not the lightest, not the heaviest... although the 7X feels really light in hand. The 5wt has a swing weight of 64.5 and a total rod weight of 3.00 oz. This isn't as light as rods like the Zephrus Ultralite but it's not necessarily a rod designed to be incredibly lightweight.


This isn't the best distance rod on the market. There are more powerful rods out there with ultra-fast actions that can accurately deliver a fly at 80 feet. That being said, the 7X wasn't designed as a distance rod. As we moved our casting distance back, we had to slow down our casting stroke to maximize performance past 50 feet. Once we did, the rod was accurate and powerful, especially for a medium-fast build.

The 5wt version of the 7X comes in two flex profiles (fast and medium-fast) but we didn't get to cast the two rods side-by-side. My guess is the fast action model encourages a faster casting stroke at longer distances and is more powerful than the medium-fast model. If you're a long-distance kind of angler, I'd go with the fast action model (again, only available in a 5wt).



The accuracy of the 7X is astonishing. In fact, this is the most accurate rod we've ever cast. Which is really saying something.

The heptagonal blank design allows the 7X to recover insanely fast to keep the angler in charge of directing the fly. We hit the target repeatedly at 30ft, 45ft, and 60ft and this rod is truly accurate when cast off of the tip at short distances or deeper into the rod at longer distances.

The quick tip recovery of the 7X is obvious and noticeable but it's not the only thing that makes this rod accurate. The heptagonal design allows energy to be more efficiently transferred from the hand of the angler to the fly line. Increased energy transfer means the angler doesn't have to work as hard to put the fly in the zone. It also means more power, more control, and never-before-seen accuracy.

Flex & Feel

We reviewed the medium-fast version of the 7X. The rod is a pretty true medium-fast and is soft enough for short-range accuracy but can be pushed for long-distance power.

We noticed right away how lightweight the 7X feels in hand. Which is weird because it's not the lightest fly rod we've ever cast. It's really well-balanced and comfortable in hand. And the rod's comfortable construction translates to smoothness during the casting stroke. This rod is really a pleasure to cast at all distances.

We found ourselves having to slow down our casting stroke at longer distances to take full advantage of the rod's powerful butt section and energy transfer capabilities. We were a little surprised by this because of the rod's power profile and tip-flex design. But after we slowed down a bit the 7X was buttery smooth at distance and flexed and recovered beautifully.


Loop One Year Unconditional Warranty, Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Outside the one year unconditional warranty, Loop charges a nominal service charge presently $60USD to replace parts.


The 7X retails for $950.


Wow, what a breakthrough. Loop has indeed changed the game forever. The heptagonal design of the 7X is more accurate than anything we've ever seen. Add top-notch componentry and two flex profiles and this rod is one of our favorites of all time. Whether you're chasing Bonefish on the flats, Trout on a tailwater, or Redfish in the southeast, this rod is going to help you catch more fish. It's as simple as that.

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  • Lightning-fast recovery speeds
  • Improved energy transfer and rod tracking capabilities


  • Expensive at $950


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