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If you have been following our blog and Youtube channel these past few years, you know how big of a fan of Greys rods we are. The entry-level GR60 and mid-priced GR80 were two of our best-performing rods in their subsequent categories. We were disappointed to see them both discontinued after only a few seasons, but we are equally excited to see what Greys has in store for the future. 

The Lance is Greys’ price point model, coming in at a cool $219.99. If you are skeptical about how much performance a rod can provide at this value, remember the GR60 was priced similarly, and we were routinely blown away by its performance. To find out how the Lance stacks up against other rods in the bargain-bin category, you will want to read on. 


Greys Lance 9' 5wt Fly Rod

Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

Fit & Finish

The Lance’s build quality feels suitable for a rod priced accordingly. The half-wells grip is comfortable in hand, even with the slightly rougher cork and the anodized aluminum reel seat with carbon spacers helps give the rod a high-tech look. The gray blank seems appropriate, given the brand’s name, and alignment dots are always convenient. We're happy with the Lance's cosmetics and components considering it’s a rod designed to offer above-average performance at a below-average price.


While not an out-an-out powerhouse, we were pleasantly surprised by the Lance’s range. It has plenty enough power for the average angler in their daily trout situations.


  • 30-feet: For a relatively quick rod, the Lance provided decent feedback while making short casts. Still, we weren’t having quite as easy of a time making pin-point shots as softer rods out there. 
  • 45-feet: Stepping back to middle distances, the Lance came into its own. We cannot overstate this rod's exceptional performance at the most important trout fishing distance. We can confidently say the Lance can hold its own against some rods twice its price.
  • 60-feet: The Lance didn’t falter the longer our casts became. Its remarkable stability and loop control floored us, and we could accurately present a fly to the target with relative consistency.

Flex & Feel

The Lance features a crisp modern action which helps with its overall performance. While the rod is reasonably fast, it's got an extended sweet spot, and novice anglers will find it easy to handle. However, without question, the rod offers enough performance for the intermediate and above angler looking to make more technical casts.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX fits the Lance like a tailored glove. It’s a line that enhances the rod's overall performance, and green anglers will find it an optimal pairing. This combo is excellent for anglers who fish streamers, nymphs, and dry flies in their daily trout outings. If you find yourself casting dry flies at extended distances, consider the Rio Gold.




Value and high performance aren’t often linked synonymously in fly fishing. However, Greys has somehow built a rod that not only beginners will find easy to cast, but experienced anglers will find enjoyable to cast! We don’t often get excited about rods in the Lance’s class, but we’d gladly take this do-everything 5wt to the local trout stream. How Greys managed to keep the Lance this affordable is a mystery, but one we’d be ok with staying secret so long as they continue making price-point winners.


  • Exceptional Value
  • Great across-the-board performance
  • Perfect pairing with Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX


  • Rather bland cosmetics and components