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  1. TFO Blitz Fly Rod Review

    TFO Blitz Fly Rod Review
    The TFO Blitz might just be the best rod TFO has ever made. Find out why in our in-depth review.
  2. Best Euro Nymphing Fly Rods of 2023

    Best Euro Nymphing Fly Rods of 2023
    Love it, hate it, or think Euro nymphing doesn’t count as fly fishing; there is no denying it is here to stay. While purists might snub their noses, it’s a very effective way to catch trout in various situations. If you’re considering entering the realm of Euro nymphing, you can look forward to learning a new set of skills and tactics that will change how you read water. Euro nymphing does require specialized tools for the job. Your standard 9ft fly rod is too short to effectively tightline and lacks the sensitivity of specialized Euro-specific rods. Longer, lighter Euro nymphing rods help maintain direct contact with nymphs to better detect subtle takes from fish. Whether you’re a seasoned high sticker with Troutbitten bookmarked or looking to enter the Euro nymphing world for the first time, read on as we break down the best Euro nymphing rods of 2023.
  3. Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod Series: Model-by-Model Review

    Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod Series: Model-by-Model Review
    Sage is a brand with a long history of building legendary saltwater fly rods. However, their past few flagship salt series have largely disappointed. Sure, there were a few solid models, but most were too stiff, fast, and clunky for the average angler. When we had the opportunity to cast each rod in the new R8 Salt series, we were immediately impressed by Sage’s commitment to developing a salt-specific series that is enjoyable to cast for the average angler.
  4. Best 8wt Fly Rods of 2023

    Best 8wt Fly Rods of 2023
    The eight is the go-to rod for many anglers searching for hard-fighting gamefish abroad and locally. Its versatility is unrivaled, and many see it as the perfect choice between too light and too heavy. But you don’t have to be a redfish or bonefish angler to reap the benefits. Whether you toss poppers to largemouth bass, Clousers to nasty pike, or indicator nymph for steelhead in Pulaski, you can count on the 8wt. Sold on the eight but unsure which rod is right for you? Read on because you will not want to miss this review!
  5. Hardy Ultralite 10ft 5wt Fly Rod Review

    Hardy Ultralite 10ft 5wt Fly Rod Review
    Even If you’ve only been interested in fly fishing for a short time, you have probably heard praise for the venerable 9ft 5wt. The 905 has been touted as the go-to, do-everything utilitarian trout rod since its inception. It’s the best-selling configuration in nearly every trout and freshwater-oriented series. However, as most reading this know, fly rods come in different sizes to serve the many fishing scenarios, anglers may face. A rod over nine feet offers many advantages, from high sticking and better line management to roll casting larger nymphs and streamers. Unfortunately, rod makers don’t always dedicate as much time designing 10ft tapers as the nine in the same series. However, we recently got to demo the 10ft 5wt Hardy Ultralite, and the results floored us. Read on to see why this could be the rod that’ll convince you to leave the 9fter in the truck.
  6. Greys Kite Fly Rod Review

    The Greys Kite Fly Rod is a versatile and adaptable fly rod that can handle any freshwater situation you throw its way. With a range of line weights and lengths, this fast action rod is perfect for anglers of all levels. Let's dive into the various aspects of this rod and see how it stacks up against other fly rods on the market.
  7. Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod Review

    Sage Salt R8 Fly Rod Review
    With the R8 Core, Sage seems to be back on track by making rods with a smooth, progressive taper that gives the caster exceptional feel and feedback but still delivers plenty of power. When Sage announced the new Salt R8 would replace the Salt HD, we were excited about the rod's prospects but a little apprehensive over a new salt-specific Sage Rod. Has Sage finally delivered? You will not want to miss this review!
  8. Greys Wing Fly Rod Review

    Greys Wing Fly Rod Review
    The Wing is Greys’ premium, fast-action offering designed to offer anglers the performance of a high-end model at a fraction of the cost. The Wing’s predecessor, the GR80, received praise from nearly everyone who cast it, which, unfortunately, wasn’t many. Will the Wing take off and help re-establish the Greys' name to American anglers? Read on to get our take!
  9. Greys Lance Fly Rod Review

    Greys Lance Fly Rod Review
    The Lance is Greys’ price point model, coming in at a cool $219.99. If you are skeptical about how much performance a rod can provide at this value, remember the GR60 was priced similarly, and we were routinely blown away by its performance. To find out how the Lance stacks up against other rods in the bargain-bin category, you will want to read on.
  10. Douglas Era Fly Rod Review

    Douglas Era Fly Rod Review
    Designed with affordability and accessibility in mind, Douglas claims the ERA is the best fly rod on the market in terms of performance and value. At $150.00, the price is certainly right for those getting their feet wet, but can a rod this cheap offer enough performance for anyone other than the fledging angler? You will not want to miss the review if you are looking for a brand new 5wt on the stingiest of trout bum budgets.

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