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  1. Scott Sector Fly Rod Review

    Scott Sector Fly Rod Review
    Scott has announced the release of their brand new saltwater rod series, the Sector. The Sector replaces the much-loved Meridian and features some updated aesthetics and improved performance. Scott elected to keep their trademark unsanded blank design to keep the Sector lightweight and strong. The unsanded blank design may be the same but the technology is different. The Sector utilizes ReAct Tech (which we've seen in the past from Scott), and new Carbon Web Tech. Carbon Web improves torsional forces for better tracking and more pure power. This rod features phenomenal performance, as we've come to expect from Scott, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Here's our in-depth review... you don't want to miss this one.
  2. Loop 7X Fly Rod Review

    Loop 7X Fly Rod Review
    The Loop 7X is heptagonal. Yeah, the blank has 7 sides. Wait, what? We've never seen anything like it. Who cares, why's a 7-sided blank special? How about improved energy transfer, the fastest tip recovery in the industry, blazing accuracy, and in-your-face power. Seriously, this rod is THE MOST ACCURATE fly rod we've ever cast. Has Loop changed the game? Indeed, forever. Don't cast a 7X rod, you'll never go back. Read on for the full review.
  3. Sage PAYLOAD Fly Rod Review

    Sage PAYLOAD Fly Rod Review
    Sage has released a rod designed to cast large flies and fight big fish. The PAYLOAD features a rugged design and extra large componentry to handle heavy lines and wrangle the largest freshwater and saltwater species. If you're looking for a rod designed for Pike, Musky, and other predatory fish, especially in the mid-price range, the Payload is one of the best at its price range. Read on to find out why.
  4. Sage TROUT LL Fly Rod Review

    Sage TROUT LL Fly Rod Review
    Sage has announced the release of another new rod: The TROUT LL. This new rod series from Sage utilizes blank taper optimization, specialized lengths, and Konnetic HD Technology to cater to anglers who prefer small flies, light tippets, and short-range presentations. The rod represents a delicate touch and smooth, easy feedback and feel for a heightened trout experience at close range. Like the Igniter and the PAYLOAD rod series' from Sage, the TROUT LL is a highly specialized rod. This rod is sure to be a dry fly angler's kryptonite. 
  5. How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Musky

    How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Musky
    Musky, similar to Pike, are large critters with big teeth. Many anglers fish one fly rod for both species. The fish are similar - both long, large, aggressive and wildly predatory, which makes targeting them on a fly rod loads of fun. Musky, however, are moodier, rarer, and often more difficult to catch than Pike, especially the larger fish. Musky also tend to eat larger flies that move a lot of water so fly choice and technique differ a bit. Read on to find out which fly rod is best for targeting these stubborn predators.
  6. How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Bass

    How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Bass
    Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass have long been a popular gamefish in the US. The geographical diversity of the species presents opportunities for anglers from California to Florida, Texas to Maine. Voracious eats, sporty runs, and ambush-driven feeding habits are also part of the Bass’ angling allure. Fly fishing for Bass can be loads of fun, but choosing the right setup can be difficult. Conditions, angling ability, and fish size all play a role in the election of a fly rod setup when targeting these sturdy predators. Read on to find out which bass rod fits your needs.
  7. Sage X Spey Rod Review

    Sage X Spey Rod Review
    Sage has re-worked their flagship series, the Sage ONE, into a more moderate action, caster-friendly rod, the Sage X. Sage designed the X for the every-man trout angler. The X is a departure from the Sage norm of fast-action rods and caters to a wider audience than rods like the Sage Igniter or the Sage ONE. The Sage X two-handed series, or the Spey series, follows the design of the one-handed Sage X rods with some significant departures. Read on to find out how the Sage X Spey Series provides industry-leading power and castability.
  8. Hardy Demon Smuggler Fly Rod Review

    Hardy Demon Smuggler Fly Rod Review
    Hardy has made a rod for the frequent traveler, a rod that fits in your back pocket. Well, almost. The new Demon Smuggler 6-piece fly rod from Hardy is made for carry-on luggage and extreme packability. Usually, a 6-piece fly rod means extra weight, less power, and decreased accuracy. This Demon Smuggler is quite the opposite, however. We are thoroughly impressed with the performance of the Demon Smuggler, especially in the 6-piece fly rod category. Read on to find out why.
  9. Douglas Upstream Fly Rod Review

    Douglas Upstream Fly Rod Review
    Are you thinking about fishing a spring creek or a backyard brook this season? The Douglas Upstream is for you. Douglas has come out with a graphite, full flex rod with a cane feel, perfect for small stream fishing. The Upstream allows anglers to slow down, make impeccable delicate presentations, and enjoy the artwork of fly fishing. This rod combines old-fashioned feel with state-of-the-art graphite technology to create a fly rod that may just be the best graphite rod we’ve ever cast at close distances. Read on to find out what makes the Upstream so much fun to fish.
  10. Thomas & Thomas Avantt Fly Rod Review

    Thomas & Thomas Avantt Fly Rod Review
    T&T’s tradition goes way back to bamboo rods and old-fashioned rod makers including the famous Thomas Dorsey and Thomas Maxwell. Is T&T old-fashioned? Quite the opposite, actually. T&T is caught up with the modern fly rod movement and produces some of the most high-tech, cutting-edge fly rods in the industry. One such example is the new freshwater Avantt rod series by Thomas & Thomas. Read on to learn how the Avantt combines classic T&T tradition and state-of-the-art contemporary innovation.

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