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  1. Loon UV Fly Tying Kit
  2. Kiley's Baitfish Stencil Kit
    Kiley's Baitfish Stencil Kit
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  3. Flymen Spratz Fly Tying Kit
  4. Fly Skinz Ported Popper Kit
  5. Wapsi Chernobyl Ant Kit
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Fly Tying Kits are a great way to purchase a variety of tools, materials, or thread without buying everything individually. Kits are a great way to get started in fly tying or to add tools/materials to your tying bench. Some of the most popular fly tying kits include Dr. Slick, Loon, Hareline, and Fly Skinz. These brands make a variety of kit options that come in packages to help you have more productive sessions at the vise. These kits are built for the avid tyer and can help any angler take their fly tying game to the next level. 


The Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit is one of the largest kits we carry. This kit has 48 different materials including feathers, hackle, thread, dry shake, and much more. All materials are premium quality and include hooks, a few essential tools, and Veevus thread. Perhaps the most useful part of the Hareline Fly Tying Material Kit is the 60 page, 20 fly pattern book with step-by-step fly tying instructions. This is a great kit for beginners or people looking to expand their fly tying horizons. Hareline is one of the leading names in fly tying materials and they’ve put together a quality materials package for beginners and intermediate tyers alike. This kit can also be used as a travel kit to bring with you in the car or on the road. This kit also comes in a version that includes economy tools and a vise. 


Another fly tying kit that’s worth mentioning is Loon’s Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit. Instead of including materials like the Hareline kit, this kit includes a multitude of tools to help any tyer succeed at the vise. The tools included in Loon’s kit are Ergo Arrow Point Scissors, All-Purpose Scissors, Bobbin, Bodkin, Whip Finisher, Dubbing Brush, Dubbing Spinner, and more. These tools are user-friendly with comfortable grips and durable designs to help make your time at the vise more enjoyable. This kit will help you tie any kind of fly from streamers to dry flies to nymphs and more. 


Dr. Slick has a kit that’s similar to Loon’s Tool Kit. The Dr. Slick Fly Tyer Gift Set has almost everything you need to get started in fly tying. This kit is a great gift option but it’s also a nice option for someone looking to upgrade their fly tying toolset. The kit includes a pair of hackle pliers, a whip finisher, a hair stacker, a simple bobbin with a bobbin threader, a bodkin tool, and a pair of fine-pointed scissors. These tools are a perfect combination of quality and affordability and provide durable functionality to any tyer. 


If you’re looking for a more specific fly tying kit, Loon makes a few kits that are built around specific tools and have a specific purpose. The Loon UV Fly Tying Kit, for example, is made for people who want to start tying with UV epoxy. This kit comes with three different types of Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (Thin, Flow, and Thick), brushes, tips, and a UV light. If you’re tying saltwater streamers like the Surf Candy and others, UV epoxy is a great way to add durability and profile to the head of any fly. 


Regardless of your experience level or your goals at the fly tying vise, we carry a kit for everyone here at Trident. The best part is all fly tying kits (and everything we carry) SHIPS FOR FREE OVER $49. Shop Now!