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  1. Douglas DXF Fly Rod
  2. Douglas SKY-G Fly Rod
  3. Douglas SKY Fly Rod
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  4. Douglas Upstream Fly Rod
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  6. Douglas LRS Fly Rod
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Douglas Outdoors was created recently in 2014. While the newness of the company means they lack valuable historical input, the forming of Douglas Outdoors has brought a new perspective to rod design. Douglas focuses on designing rods that redefine performance. Douglas is an industry leader in engineering, design, and high-performance fly rods. Douglas continues to unveil new rods every year and to push the envelope of fly rod innovation. Douglas Outdoors is based in upstate New York.

A new fly rod series that’s been getting a lot of attention is the Douglas LRS Fly Rod Series. The LRS series is a mid-priced value-based rod series from Douglas that maintains cutting edge design and top componentry. This series caters to veteran anglers and new anglers alike. The LRS features a nickel finished stainless steel stripping guide, hard chrome snake guides, quality cork grips, a carbon reel seat, and double uplocking rings. The LRS comes in a large variety of rod models including trout rods, saltwater rods, and more. The LRS is a great place to start if you’re looking for a high-performance rod that is affordable and durable.

Douglas’ flagship fly rod series is the Douglas SKY Fly Rod. These rods are constructed with state-of-the-art nano carbon matrix materials. These materials combine to create a fast action rod blank that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Again, these rods come in a huge diversity of rod models from a 2wt all the way up through a 12wt. The SKY is beautifully finished with Fuji stripper guides with Torite rings, REC Recoil snake guides, an open reel seat, an exotic dark burled wood insert (on lighter rod weight models), and an AAAA grade cork handle. This series from Douglas is one of the top rods available for its price in the market today. The Sky also comes in Spey and Switch rod models.

Another well-known series from Douglas is the Douglas Upstream Plus Fly Rod Series. This series was designed as a faster version of the Douglas Upstream Series, a rod meant for small creeks and streams. The Upstream Plus provides more power than the Upstream with a slightly different rod design. These rods are made for delicate presentations and tippet protection when casting short/medium distances. The progressive blank of the Upstream is designed to provide tons of feedback and feel. The Upstream Plus has a vintage design that pays homage to cane rods of older days. While the Upstream Plus is, in fact, graphite, it fishes almost like a fiberglass rod without sacrificing the strength and power of graphite. The Upstream and Upstream Plus are must-have rods if you spend a lot of time fishing small water.

The Douglas DXF Rod Series is another mid-priced high-performance series from Douglas. The DXF comes in one-handed, Spey, and Switch rod models. This series is very dynamic and is perfect for multitudes of fishing scenarios. The DXF may be Douglas’ most versatile rod series. The DXF features multi modulus blanks with a matte green finish, tapers for strength and presentation, SIC hard chrome stripper frames and snake guides. The DXF is a powerful rod in the saltwater and a versatile rod in fresh. This series is a great way for someone new to fly fishing to get into the sport.

Douglas Outdoors may be a new company but they’ve already established themselves as one of the finest rod makers in the industry today. Douglas continues to push the boundaries of fly rod innovation and make some incredible fly rods. Shop Douglas today with free shipping and a low price guarantee.