Daiichi 1110 Wide Gape Dry Straight Eye Hooks

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Combining an oversized straight-eye with a wide gap and mini barb, Daiichi’s 1110 Wide Gape Dry Straight Eye Hooks have reliable holding power and are a perfect choice when tying flies for the surface. Crafted in sizes 12 through 24 with a bronze finish, this hook can be used to imitate anything from larger mayflies like the light cahill to small caddis and tricos, and with its wide gap and large eye, you never need to worry about missing strikes or wasting time threading your tippet. Initially designed in 1990 by Jim LePage, the “oversized eye” offers serious convenience and remains popular today for anglers of all skill sets, and Daiichi’s 1110 Wide Gap Hooks are ready for every day that you spend chasing rising fish. 


Daiichi’s 1110 Wide Gape Dry Fly Hooks are an excellent choice anytime you’re tying dry flies. Made in sizes 12 through 24, this hook will serve you perfectly when imitating most medium to small insects–from beetles and crickets to mayflies, midges, and everything in between, this hook can tie them all. And although this hook was made with dry flies in mind, it also works well when tying lightweight emergers that rest just in the surface film. 


Another great option whenever you’re looking for a bronze-finished dry fly hook with a straight eye is Tiemco’s TMC 101 Dry Fly Hook. Like Daiichi’s 1110 Hooks, TMC’s 101 Hook has a straight eye with a wide gap, providing reliable hooking and holding power, however, it does not have the oversized eye found on Daiichi’s 1110 hook, so if you’re looking for convenience when threading your tippet, the Daiichi 1110 is a better choice. 

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