If you’re a serious angler, chances are you’re a gear junkie, like us. The list of fly fishing accessories is nearly endless. There’s so much gear that can help you increase your chances of success on the water. From fly boxes to landing nets to pliers and more, the Accessories category is a catch-all for all of those fly fishing tools that fill our your vest, help store your flies, and make connecting a leader and fly easy. We also have tools to help you read the water, gifts for the avid angler in your life, stylish lanyards, and much more to help you up your game on the water this season. 


One of the Accessories subcategories is Fly Boxes. We carry a huge selection of fly boxes to help you store flies from tiny dry flies to articulated streamers and everything in between. Boxes from Tacky, C&F, Plan D, Hareline, Cliff Outdoors, and more cater to serious anglers who are dedicated to protecting their flies on the water. These boxes offer waterproof performance and easy access to your fly collection so you never have to wish you had that one special fly. Most of these boxes are small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or pack in your vest so you can wade your favorite river with all the flies you need. If you’re looking for storage boxes, we have those too. 


The Tools & Gadgets subcategory includes hook files, knot tyer tools, tippet rings, fly threaders, and so much more. If you’re looking for a fly fishing tool, chances are it’s in this subcategory. From the Loon Iconic Tool Kit to the Stonfo Magnetic Net Leash, we’ve got a variety of tools to increases your chances of success on the water. The Loon Nocturnal Headlamp will help you see tiny flies at sunset or set up your campsite after you get off of the river. The Smith Creek Trash Fish will help you collect excess tippet on the water to keep your favorite river litter-free. The Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder 2.0 will help you attach your Permit rod to your pack when wading the flats in search of Bonefish. We have a seriously wide collection of tools here that’ll help you make your next fly fishing adventure your best one yet. 


We also have a Weights, Indicators, and Floatants subcategory. This subcategory has a variety of products that’ll help you flies float or sink on the river. Indicators, for example, will keep nymphs off of the river bottom and in the feeding zone of a trout. Indicators also alert the angler to an eat and indicate that it’s time to set the hook. Split shots, on the other hand, help nymphs reach the river bottom quicker to keep your flies in the most likely feeding lane of a fish for longer periods of time throughout your drift. Other floatants, like Loon Aquel, keep a dry fly floating on the surface even after it gets wet. 


Pliers & Forceps are also an important tool in fly fishing. We carry a host of different kinds of pliers and forceps from light, simple freshwater forceps to heavy-duty saltwater pliers. The Dr. Slick Typhoon Plier is a great option for both freshwater and saltwater fishing and handles the largest hooks and flies with ease. Cutters snip tippet easily and can be replaced when dulled. These pliers, like other pliers we carry, come with a sheath for easy storage on a wading belt or leather belt. 


No matter what accessory you’re looking for, we’ve got them all right here in a user-friendly format that helps you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Shop here for the best deals and the lowest prices, guaranteed. 

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