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  1. Oros Strike Indicators
  2. Loon Top Ride
  3. Loon Aquel
  4. Loon Lochsa Floatant
  5. Hareline Tapered Slip Indicators
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  6. Gehrke's Line Cleaner
  7. High N Dry Gel Floatant
  8. Loon Fly Dip
  9. High N Dry Liquid Spray
  10. Loon Tin Drops Split Shot Refill
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  11. Loon Payette Paste
  12. Loon Easy Dry
  13. Loon Biostrike Indicator
  14. High N Dry Liquid Floatant
  15. Loon Tin Drops Split Shot Twist Pot
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  16. Loon Dust
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Weights, indicators, and floatants are important accessories in freshwater fly fishing. Indicators allow anglers to detect a strike when fishing subsurface flies for feeding trout or freshwater river bass. Weights help you get your nymphs or streamers into the feeding zone of a fish quicker and increase your chances of success when fishing deep pocket water or quick depth changes. Finally, if you’re fishing dry flies or emergers, floatants will keep your flies floating high in the water column so that they can be fished effectively. Whether you’re fishing nymphs, dry flies, or streamers, this category will help you present your fly to a fish more accurately. We carry the top brands in the industry so you can have the widest selection to choose from and we always guarantee the lowest prices. 


Indicators have been used by trout anglers for years. These floats, when fastened to a leader or tippet, float on the water’s surface to keep your nymphs off of the bottom and alert the angler when a fish has taken his/her fly. There are a variety of styles of indicators, but they all serve the same purpose. Some of the most popular indicators we carry are Thingamabobbers. These indicators feature a simple rubber design and can be easily attached to a leader or tippet. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Similarly, Airlock Strike Indicators are also hugely popular. These indicators are biodegradable so if you lose one on the river you don’t have to worry about it negatively affecting the environment. They’re also durable and high-performing for performance that lasts during long days on the water. 


Other indicators include Hareline’s Bi-Visible Football Foam Indicators that are multi-colored and easy to attach. Hareline also makes a Tapered Slip Indicator. These indicators are bright so you can easily see them on the water and offer unparalleled foam construction for reliable floating capabilities. Finally, the smallest indicators we carry are the Westwater Fly Unibobber, perfect for small stream trout fishing or still water fishing with light nymphs on a pond or a lake. 


If you’re fishing lightly weighted nymphs and you need them to sink into the feeding zone of a fish quickly, attachable weights or split-shot will help increase your chances of success on the water. Dinsmore weights are a great option and come in a variety of sizes from tiny split-shot to larger weights for Steelhead and Salmon. Loon also makes a selection of weights including Loon Black Drops and Loon Camo Drops that can be easily pinched onto a leader or tippet. Boss Tin also makes a bi-colored tungsten putty that can be shaped and attached for maximum efficiency. 


Finally, if you’re looking to keep a dry fly on the surface during long days on the water, a variety of floatants will help. Xink is a great floatant to use before your fly is wet to ensure that it retains maximum buoyancy when fished through choppy water or in rainy weather. After a fly gets wet, use a dry shake to keep it floating. Loon makes a variety of floatants and dry shakes that are perfect for trout flies that float on the surface. 


Regardless of your weight, indicator, and floatant needs, we have a complete selection of the top brands in the industry right here. Plus, every product we carry comes with a price match guarantee so you can always be sure you’re getting the best prices for the top products in fly fishing. 

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