The Trident Trade-in Program

Fly Rod Trade In Program


Watch this short video to learn about our trade-in program!


What kind of gear are we interested in?


- Name-brand modern fly rods and reels with an original MSRP over $150, or any other modern tackle you believe to be worth over $75.

- Historic name-brand fly rods and reels in good, working condition.

- Any other gear that is good condition. We've taken trades for everything from skis to collectible knives to plugs, but these items aren't eligible for our fixed price.

- Gear must be in fishable condition. NO BROKEN EQUIPMENT. We cannot repair it,


How it works:

You get a fixed price

1. Simply send an e-mail to [email protected] with the make, model, condition, and any other relevant info - year, color, special features, etc. Photos are generally not necessary.

2. We'll e-mail you an estimate, but we won't be able to determine the final value until we actually see the product.

3. If the price is acceptable, ship the product to us. Once we receive it, we'll thoroghly review it to ensure that it's in good shape and then give you our final valuation. If it is below our original estimate, and too low for you too accept, we'll ship it back to you.


Please ship all gear to this address:

Trident Fly Fishing

Trade-In Department

190 Riverside Street Suite 9A

Portland, ME 04103


4. We'll e-mail you a gift card for the quoted amount.


But sometimes, we're just not sure...

If can't come up with a good price for your gear, we'll offer you our auction option. It works like this:

1. Send us your gear and we'll sell it for you on eBay, then...

2. We'll give you a gift card for the sale price, less eBay fees (10%).

So, if your item sells for $300 and it's a reel, you'll receive $270 in store credit.


Conditions of the Auction Option:

1. The auction option is final. Please read the rules carefully before deciding to take this route.
2. We do not set minimum or reserve prices. The only guarantee is that your item will sell (but not for a specific price).
3. To that end, we get very high prices for fly fishing gear, but we tend not to do as well for other items.
4. Bidding on your own auction items is strictly prohibited. If you do bid on your own item, we expect you to pay for it in accordance with eBay's policy. If you don't pay for it, we will open a case with eBay and we will donate your rod to Project Healing Waters and you will forfeit any value that you would have otherwise gained.