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  1. Fly Line Backing Shootout and Buyer's Guide

    Fly Line Backing Shootout and Buyer's Guide
    It’s always a cringe-worthy moment when a trophy fish runs you into your backing. Maybe you’re worried about your fly line to backing connection, maybe you’re worried about backing strength or abrasion resistance. Whatever the case may be, most anglers don’t spend a ton of time thinking about backing until it’s too late. We’re writing this shootout to provide backing information so you can think about backing before your trip to the Seychelles or South America. Different types of backing have different applications and some are clearly stronger than others. Which backing is the best? Read on to find out.
  2. How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Bass

    How to Choose the Best Fly Reel for Bass
    Most people think of tournaments and conventional fishing gear when they think of Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. Sure, Largemouth Bass are fun to catch on a crankbait or a topwater frog... But they're also really thrilling to catch on a fly rod. We've already covered how to choose a fly rod for Bass, but what about the right fly reel for the job? A fly reel can be the difference between landing a trophy Bass or losing one. Read on to find out which fly reel is the best.
  3. Where to Fly Fish in Maine

    Where to Fly Fish in Maine
    Most of you probably know Trident Fly Fishing is located in the picturesque state of Maine. Lobster, sailing, summer houses, beautiful coastline, tourism, and the largest forest coverage of any state in the US. 'Vacation Land', as it's aptly referred to, weaves grand wilderness and close-knit coastal communities into a state quilt that's pretty dynamic. And, as you may have also heard, Maine has fish. Lots of them. Once you've decided you'd rather put footprints on a riverbank than hoist sails on a mast, Maine's 35,000 square miles can seem overwhelming. Where's the best place to don a pair of waders and chase down weary salmonids? Like any type of fishing, it depends on the season, conditions, geography and more. Here are some recommendations to point you in the right direction.
  4. How to Tie an Egg Sucking Leech Streamer, Trout Style

    How to Tie an Egg Sucking Leech Streamer, Trout Style
    The Egg Sucking Leech drives trout wild in the fall (and spring). Eggs offer trout a protein-rich meal. In the spring and fall trout often feed on eggs and larger meals like leeches. This pattern works particularly well in Alaska where Salmon eggs enter the river in the fall or in rivers where Suckers or Whitefish spawn during the spring. This pattern can be stripped or swung for Trout or Steelhead.
  5. How to Tie Andreas Andersson's Ragdolly Streamer Pattern

    How to Tie Andreas Andersson's Ragdolly Streamer Pattern
    If you're a streamer junkie, this fly is for you. The Ragdolly is an articulated streamer that's designed for big fish. Sure, it takes some time to tie, but it's a really effective pattern for meat-eating fish. Follow along as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this complicated fly with a fishy profile.
  6. How to Tie the Clouser Half & Half Fly

    How to Tie the Clouser Half & Half Fly
    The Clouser Half & Half is a pattern that imitates baitfish with added flare. We've tied the Clouser Minnow in the past, but this pattern is tied with a twist. Great for freshwater Bass, Striped Bass, and just about any fish that'll eat a baitfish. The Clouser is most well-known as a saltwater pattern but works well in all situations. Watch Jared tie the Clouser Half & Half with step-by-step instructions and techniques explained.
  7. How to Tie Lefty's Deceiver Fly

    How to Tie Lefty's Deceiver Fly
    The Deceiver may be one of the most popular streamers for both freshwater and saltwater fish. This pattern can be tied in a multitude of colors to imitate a variety of bait. Here, Jared ties the Lefty's Deceiver in Blurple (black and purple) which is the most productive color combination for targeting fish at night. This is a great fly for Bass, Stripers, and more. Follow along for step-by-step instructions.
  8. How to Tie a Purple Haze Dry Fly

    How to Tie a Purple Haze Dry Fly
    The Purple Haze is a popular dry fly across the US and around the world. Similar to a Parachute Adams, the Purple Haze is easy to see and effective when trout are feeding on Mayflies. The Purple Haze is a great pattern for spooky fish in large water or fish that have seen an Adams too many times. This Mayfly imitation will float well, be highly visible, and create a buggy profile in the water. Follow our detailed instructions to tie this pattern with a parachute as Jared takes us through the steps needed to create this small, effective dry fly.
  9. How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Permit

    How to Choose the Best Fly Rod for Permit
    The holy grail of saltwater fishing, the Permit, drives anglers crazy. Seriously people go insane for this fish. Permit are temperamentally snooty and senselessly selective. There are other species that are similarly difficult to catch but none as frustratingly conceited as the Permit. People spend thousands of dollars and go on more than a few trips to catch one Permit on the fly. Choosing the right fly rod helps. Read on to see which rod is best.
  10. Scott Sector Fly Rod Review

    Scott Sector Fly Rod Review
    Scott has announced the release of their brand new saltwater rod series, the Sector. The Sector replaces the much-loved Meridian and features some updated aesthetics and improved performance. Scott elected to keep their trademark unsanded blank design to keep the Sector lightweight and strong. The unsanded blank design may be the same but the technology is different. The Sector utilizes ReAct Tech (which we've seen in the past from Scott), and new Carbon Web Tech. Carbon Web improves torsional forces for better tracking and more pure power. This rod features phenomenal performance, as we've come to expect from Scott, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Here's our in-depth review... you don't want to miss this one.

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