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Just need to tie flies but don't want to buy a whole saddle? Then Whiting 100s are just the ticket. Enough saddle hackle to tie 100 flies.


Natural products: sizes and colors may vary. 


Midge hackle = mostly hook sizes 18 and smaller. 


Whiting dry fly saddles are graded based on the approximate number of flies each pelt will tie. The grade does not, as is sometimes thought, denote hook sizes of the hackle. The following steps are carried out to determine the number of flies each pelt will provide. 


  1. The approximate number of usable dry fly tying feathers is counted for both sides of the pelt. (Example: a 95 count on the left side and a 100 count on the right side total 195 usable tying feathers). 
  2. The average hackle length is then measured. (Example: a pelt has an average hackle length of 8 inches). 
  3. The tying sizes of the feathers are determined. Most saddles have two predominant sizes, with some hackle on either side of the predominant sizes. 
  4. The total number of flies per pelt is calculated. (An 8-inch feather that is size 14” will hackle four flies; 195 feathers multiplied by four flies equals a minimum of 780 flies.)
  5. The saddle pelts are then placed in their appropriate grade based on the minimum number of flies each pelt will tie. 


Bronze - will tie a minimum of 500 flies

Silver - will tie a minimum of 800 flies

Gold - will tie a minimum of 1,100 flies

Platinum - will tie a minimum of 1,500 flies


Half Saddle Pelts will tie approximately ½ of these quantities

Quarter Saddle Pelts will tie approximately ¼ of these quantities

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