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The Behemoth has long been a popular saltwater fly reel for its affordability and incredible performance. This reel has some of the features we love about higher-end saltwater reels, like a blitzing strong max drag, but is packaged in an affordable die-cast design. If ever there was a reel for the entry-level saltwater angler, this is it. Not to mention Redington has designed the reel to be more than capable of handling heavy fish for the intermediate and expert angler, too.



Drag-Centered Design - Redington built this reel to have the strongest drag in its class, and boy did they succeed. This reel has an insanely powerful drag system (by far the strongest drag out of any reel in its price class). Beyond the drag, however, Redington also designed the reel to be lightweight, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely functional.



Five Color Finish - The Behemoth is finished in five colors: Black, Gunmetal, Desert, O.D. Green, and Hunter Orange. The reel features a Redington symbol on the spool and an easy-to-read reel weight identifier on the spool.



Die-Cast Aluminum - The Behemoth is built from die-cast aluminum. This aluminum is a lightweight, affordable alternative to machining and is part of the reason the Behemoth is so affordable. Redington also uses twin molded, soft-touch handles and an oversized aluminum drag knob on the reel. Every reel comes with a nylon reel case.



Type - A capped drag (not sealed) with a powerful braking system fits the Behemoth nicely. This system is more than strong enough to stop both freshwater and saltwater fish. The Behemoth’s drag has a massive max drag and great adjustability.

Materials - This drag system is built on an incredibly smooth, reliable Carbon Fiber drag. The drag is made with specialized carbon braking discs. The drag is incredibly strong and very easy to clean when used in saltwater or rugged environments.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the Behemoth increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest freshwater and saltwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. The V-shaped spool accommodates enough backing for the strongest saltwater fish and the design helps with line management. Anglers don’t have to worry about where line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Redington Warranty - As of November 2019, every new reel is covered by a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The Behemoth is covered by a lifetime, original owner warranty. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the reel only and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage.


More Info

Best for: Allwater


Arbor Size: Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
11/124.7 in.11.4 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber250yds #3011, 12Gunmetal$149.99
11/124.7 in.11.4 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber250yds #3011, 12O.D Green$149.99
4/53.4 in.5.2 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber75yds #204, 5Gunmetal$129.99
4/53.4 in.5.2 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber75yds #204, 5O.D Green$129.99
5/63.6 in.5.7 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber125yds #205, 6Black$129.99
5/63.6 in.5.7 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber125yds #205, 6Gunmetal$129.99
7/84 in.7.5 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber200yds #207, 8Black$129.99
7/84 in.7.5 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber200yds #207, 8Gunmetal$129.99
9/104.4 in.10.8 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber200yds #309, 10Black$149.99
9/104.40 in.10.8 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber200yds #309, 10Gunmetal$149.99
11/124.7 in.11.4 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber250yds #3011, 12Bronze$149.99
4/53.4 in.5.2 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber75yds #204, 5Bronze$129.99
5/63.6 in.5.7 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber125yds #205, 6Bronze$129.99
7/84 in.7.5 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber200yds #207, 8Bronze$129.99
11/124.7 in.11.4 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber250yds #3011, 12Black$149.99
4/53.4 in.5.2 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber75yds #204, 5Black$129.99
5/63.6 in.5.7 oz.LargeCarbon Fiber125yds #205, 6O.D Green$129.99
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