Tips for tying Lefty's Deceiver Fly including a materials list, instructional video, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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The Deceiver may be one of the most popular streamers for both freshwater and saltwater fish. This pattern can be tied in a multitude of colors to imitate a variety of bait. Here, Jared ties the Lefty's Deceiver in Blurple (black and purple) which is the most productive color combination for targeting fish at night. This is a great fly for Bass, Stripers, and more. Follow along for step-by-step instructions.

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We've put together a kit that contains all the materials you need to tie this exact fly pattern.

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Hook: Tiemco 811S, 2/0

Thread: Danville Mono Thread, .004

Body: Bucktail, Purple/Black

Tail: Hareline Strung Hackle, Purple

Body: Krystal Flash, Black

Wing: Peacock Herl

Step One:

Start your thread and tie in a Bucktail tail. The Bucktail acts as a support for the tail to keep the fly from fouling. Tie in the Bucktail right at the bend of the hook.

Step Two:

Tie in two hackle feathers for the tail. Tie in the hackle feathers facing each other with the shiny side out one at a time on both sides of the hook shank.

Step Three:

Tie flash into the tail. Measure the flash so it extends just past the Bucktail and hackle feathers. Tie it directly on top of the hook and advance your thread.

Step Four:

Tie in and wrap the Krystal Flash body. Double the Krystal Flash over the thread, tie it down, bring your thread back, then advance your thread to just behind the eye of the hook. Slowly and evenly wrap the Krystal Flash forward and tie it off behind the eye of the hook leaving room to tie the head of the fly.

Step Five:

Rotate the vise and tie in a purple Bucktail underbody.

Step Six:

Similarly, tie in purple Bucktail on top of the hook shank to give the body a full profile. After catching the material with two loose wraps, distribute the Bucktail around the hook shank for a well-proportioned fly.

Step Seven:

Measure the black Bucktail wing to be slightly longer than the purple body. Tie in the black Bucktail directly on top of the hook.

Step Eight:

Finally, choose roughly four strands of Peacock Herl and tie them in on top of the hook shank to add color to the wing. Measure the herl to extend just past the tips of the tail, trim the butts, and tie in the herls.

Step Nine:

Whip finish and add some super glue to the head of the fly for increased durability.

Step Ten:

And that's Lefty's Deceiver in Black and Purple. This fly is hugely productive for Stripers and other predatory fish at night and works well when tied in different color schemes to imitate a variety of bait.


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