Fly fishing, as a sport, has always been about enjoying time in the outdoors, experiencing wild places, and spending time in good company. As a sport, in recent years, more and more anglers are traveling. Sure, your home water is convenient and relaxing, but if you’ve spent any time with a fly rod in your hands, chances are you want to catch larger fish in more remote places. Luckily, we’ve started to build partnerships with fly fishing lodges around the globe that we feel are the best of the best. If you’re hoping to visit a far off place with a fly rod in your hand, you’ve come to the right place. 


A lot of the destinations we initially added are right here in our home country. It’s no secret that some of the best fly fishing in the world exists right here in the USA. From Montana to Idaho to the Pacific Northwest and beyond, the US offers some of the best fly fishing anywhere. Plus, it’s easy and more convenient to get to. So, if you’re looking for a brief 3-4 day trip just to get away or spend time with your friends, the US is a great place to start. From Trout lodges in Montana to Salmon lodges in Alaska, we’ve visited every lodge you see listed here so we can give you first-hand advice about what the lodge does well and what kind of angler they’ve designed their program for. 


If you’re looking for large Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and a classic western aesthetic, some of the finest lodges in the world are right here in the US West, particularly in Montana. We’ve visited multiple fly fishing lodges in Montana and are happy to report that the fishing programs, accommodations, ease of travel, and epic remoteness are second-to-none. Many of the lodges have sweeping western common rooms with log beams, massive fireplaces, tons of property, and ample home water. The fishing programs will also make your trip a huge success no matter which lodge you choose to visit. 


If you’re more rugged and prefer a more remote experience, Alaska has some of the best Salmon and Rainbow Trout fishing anywhere. We’ve partnered with fly-out lodges in some of the most productive areas in southwest Alaska to bring you programs that will make all of your fishy dreams come true. If you’ve been dreaming of chasing trophy fish in Alaska, now is the time to book your vacation of a lifetime. We have years of Alaska experience here at Trident and are fluent in seasons, fishing techniques, gear lists, and more. 


And if you want to venture out into the world of international fly fishing travel, we’ve visited a few different lodges in Mexico, too. Mexico is the land of Bonefish, Permit, and other tropical saltwater species that are on every angler’s bucket list. The Permit, in particular, is known for its difficulty and elusiveness. If a Permit is on your bucket list, we can send you to some of the finest lodges in Mexico to increase your chances of success on the water. 


Bottom line, if you’re looking to travel to fish, we have a curated list of lodges that we trust and know well. Of course, our booking services are completely free to the angler, so you’re getting expert advice for zero cost. Trust us, when you travel to fish once, you’ll want to again. Start here and plan the trip of a lifetime.