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  1. Hareline Ultra Chenille
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  2. Hareline UV Polar Chenille
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  3. Hareline Speckled Chenille
  4. Hareline Cactus Chenille
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  5. Chocklett's Finesse Body Chenille
    Special Price $4.39 - $4.99 was $4.39 - $4.99
  6. Chocklett's Filler Flash
  7. Hareline Ice Dub Chenille
  8. Upavon Blob Fritz Chenille
  9. Hareline Chenille
    Special Price $2.49 - $3.59 was $3.29 - $3.59
  10. Senyo's Aqua Veil Chenille
  11. Hareline Trilobal Antron Chenille
    Special Price $1.99 - $2.99 was $2.99
  12. Hareline Velvet Chenille
    Special Price $1.99 - $3.09 was $3.09
  13. Hareline Polar Reflector Flash Chenille
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  14. Hareline Ice Chenille
    Special Price $2.49 - $3.99 was $3.99
  15. Hareline Frizzle Chenille
    Special Price $2.49 - $3.59 was $3.59
  16. Hareline Holographic Cactus Chenille
    Special Price $3.99 - $4.49 was $4.49
  17. Hareline Krystal Hackle
    Special Price $2.49 - $3.89 was $3.89
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Chenille is a popular fly tying material and can be used to wrap streamer bodies, nymph patterns, and give color/profile to nearly any fly. Chenille can be used to disguise a hook shank, create a stonefly body, give size and profile to streamers, or even to build a dry fly. Another benefit of Chenille is that it comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to cater to whichever pattern you’re tying at the vise. Some brands even make glow in the dark Chenille to give any fly an extra shine in the water. Top Chenille brands that we carry here at Trident include Senyos, Hareline, Fly Fish Food, Spirit River, and Chocklett’s. Like every other product we carry, all brands come with top-notch materials and premium quality. 


Spirit River makes a few different kinds of Chenille. The Spirit River Estaz Chenille is basically core-wrapped mylar that is a great option for Steelhead and Salmon flies. This particular Chenille comes in a ‘petite’ size which is 10mm and is a great option for small nymphs and even egg-like comet flies. This Chenille works flawlessly on bright streamers as a body material that can be palmered forward. Another popular Chenille made by Spirit River is the UV Estaz Chenille. This body material has longer fibers and is a great material for tying saltwater streamers, bass flies, trout streamers, and more. Steelhead and Salmon flies that imitate eggs can also be tied with this core-wrapped mylar UV Chenille. 


Chocklett’s Finesse Body Chenille is another popular Chenille in the streamer game. Blane Chocklett ties famous streamer patterns and is known for the Gamechanger Streamer among others. The Finesse Body Chenille is a great material for tying the Gamechanger and other palmered baitfish imitations. This Chenille can be wrapped to form a full body or only wrapped at the front of the fly for a hot spot head. Other Chenille that can be used to tie Blane Chocklett’s flies includes the Gamechanger Chenille and the Filler Flash Chenille. Chocklett’s filler flash comes in a variety of colors to help you produce the most life-like, bright, neon, eye-catching streamer on the water. 


Fly Fish Food also has one Chenille worth mentioning here. The Small Stonefly Chenille is different than the aforementioned Chockilett’s and Spirit River Chenilles. This particular material is perfect for crafting smaller stonefly patterns and other medium-sized nymphs. The Small Stonefly Chenille has a smaller diameter than other Chenilles we carry and is a great option for tying larger dry flies and nymphs. 


Hareline also carries a wide selection of Chenille that we have in our collection here at Trident. From Hareline Woolly Chenille that’s made for flies like the Woolly Bugger to Hareline Speckled Chenille for other streamer patterns, Hareline makes a Chenille for any situation. Add Polypropylene Floating Yarn for big hopper patterns, Trilobal Antron Chenille for vivid topwater flies and Minnow Body Wrap for baitfish fly patterns, and it’s easy to see why Hareline is the preferred brand when it comes to Chenille. 


Whether you’re tying nymphs or streamers, we have the largest selection of Chenille for all of your fly tying needs. The best part is that all Chenille SHIPS FOR FREE OVER $49. Shop Now!