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Last but not least from Sage is the Sage Spectrum. The Spectrum replaces the popular 3200 as Sage’s entry level machined reel. Here’s how it stands up to the competition.

8-Weight Shootout Full Results


6.6 ounces. Excellent.


Weakest in the test. At 2.65lbs, there’s just no way this qualifies as a saltwater reel.

Drag Test Graphs


The Spectrum sounds like the Spectrum LT. It’s a little more muted and ‘trouty’ than the Spectrum Max.

Spool & Retrieval Rate

The Spectrum has essentially the same spool as the Spectrum LT (and the Max). It’s in the middle of the road. It picks up line slightly slower than the Max at 8.75” per turn and offers plenty of backing capacity.

Looks & Ergonomics

The Spectrum fits in well with the rest of the series. It’s got a very similar look, but they’ve downgraded the finish a bit and given it a glossy finish. Where the Spectrum Max was clearly designed for bigger game, the Spectrum has a much smaller handle and drag knob. While the drag knob still definitely works well, the handle left something to be desired.

Finish and durability

The Spectrum’s cheaper finish didn’t seem to hold up as well as the rest of the reels in the Spectrum family. It just got a little more scuffed up than we’d like to see. On the plus side, they’ve ditched the ported reel seat.


Lifetime to the original owner + $40.

Price: $299


At $299, it’s really hard to recommend this reel. It’s more expensive than the Orvis Hydros SL and offers virtually no advantages. Heck, it’s even hard to justify buying this over the Sage 2280, which has more drag at half the price. Get this if you’re a fan of the Sage brand and this is your price point.

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  • Weight
  • Price


  • Nowhere near enough drag