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Waterworks-Lamson is often considered a fly fishing reel company. While they do make fly reels, they also make fly rods. Waterworks was founded in 1996 when fishermen decided they could build lighter fly reels that were more efficient. Two years later, Waterworks acquired Lamson and the two companies have been sharing technology and design details ever since. Lamson fly rods are heavily based on the idea of the center axis, although they make other rod models as well. The Waterworks-Lamson company is defined by cutting-edge engineering and design. The company was one of the first adopters of the large arbor reel. Their engineering and design background also contribute to industry-leading rod innovation.

The Lamson Standard Seat Rod Series is a versatile rod series with a variety of rod weights and styles. The Standard Seat comes in both freshwater and saltwater fly rod models. The freshwater series is designed to be accurate and medium-fast. These rods allow anglers to throw impressive loops and optimize delicate presentations in all conditions. The rods feature a unique grey blank with high-quality componentry and craftsmanship. The freshwater series was designed for balance and precision and works well when coupled with a Lamson Litespeed reel.

The saltwater Standard Seat Rod Series is equally as versatile as the freshwater series. These rods combine a powerful butt section with an artful tip to encourage both distance casting and tight loops. Saltwater specific componentry means these rods are built to withstand heavy use and all weather conditions. These rods have classic Lamson componentry: titanium stripping guides, aluminum double uplocking reel seats, and a grey blank with cobalt blue accents. Paired with the right fly lines, the Standard Seat saltwater series is a deadly tool on the water.

Finally, Lamson is known for their rod reel setup, the Center Axis. This industry-leading system combines rod and reel in one; Lamson built a fly reel into a fly rod. The reel is mounted on a center axis to encourage balance, smoothness, and performance. The Center Axis provides the angler with a quality fly rod and an award-winning Lamson reel. Improved balance allows a never-before-seen smoothness, convenience, and accuracy. These rods come with titanium stripping guides, anodized aluminum double uplocking reel seats, and a grey blank with cobalt blue accents. This rod series is a true feat of engineering and a real fishing machine.

Waterworks-Lamson fly rods are extremely durable and highly innovative. We expect nothing less from Lamson. The Waterworks-Lamson name is held in high regard in today’s fly fishing industry, and for great reason. The company continues to create innovative rods and reels that drive the industry forward. While Waterworks-Lamson is relatively new compared to companies like Orvis and Fenwick, their expertise stands out.

Whether you’re ready to put the invention of the Center Axis to the test, or you’d rather shop traditional fly rod models, Lamson rods are a great option. We have the complete collection of Lamson rods at the best prices. FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders. Make your next fly rod a Lamson. Shop Now!