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Dry flies are arguably the most popular ‘fly’ in the fly fishing world. When people think of fly fishing, they immediately think of casting flies to rising trout. Obviously, modern fly fishing has glorified saltwater fly fishing, streamer fishing, and tight line nymphing, but dry flies and dry fly fishing still hold an allure to many anglers around the world. If you’re fishing freshwater rivers in the western US - states like Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and beyond - chances are you’re targeting trout on dry flies. Whether you’re throwing tiny PMD dry flies or larger hopper patterns, there’s something truly special about seeing a trout come to the surface and eat a dry fly. Of course, dry flies can be used to target Bass, Perch, and more. 


We have a large selection of the finest dry flies, tied mostly by Umpqua Feather Merchants, that cover all your dry fly needs. Looking for a hopper or stonefly pattern? We’ve got the famous Chubby Chernobyl in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. Slinging hoppers from the front of a drift boat in the western US during the late summer/early fall? We’ve got plenty of hopper patterns, too, including the popular Morrish Hopper and Hi-Vis Foam Beetle to name a few. Similarly, if you’re casting at Grayling in Alaska or hungry trout in New Zealand, we also have attractor patterns like the Stimulator Dry Fly and the PMX.


If you’re a dry fly enthusiast and are looking for more technical patterns, we have plenty of those, too. If fish are feeding on small midges or Tricos on the surface, try the Chubby Trico Spinner or the regular Trico Spinner. If you’re seeing a Caddis hatch in the evening on a trout stream, we carry a large variety of Elk Hair Caddis Dry Flies in a multitude of sizes and colors. The Hackle Stacker Hendrickson is another dry fly that’s great for technical Hendrickson fishing when other flies aren’t working. Similarly, we have Sulphur Duns, Quill Gordons, and other Hendrickson patterns for fish that are keyed in on one particular bug. 


If you’re looking to fill out your box with easy-to-see patterns on the water, we also have a huge selection of parachute dry flies. Of course, Parachute Adams may be the most popular attractor Mayfly in fly fishing. We’ve got those. We also have a Parachute PMD in multiple colors for all you PMD addicts out there. If you see BWOs, or Blue Winged Olives, on the water, we have multiple Parachute BWO patterns including a Baetis BWO and a regular BWO. If you’re looking for a Parachute March Brown, we’ve got you covered there, too. 


No matter what variety of dry fly you’re planning on fishing, or if you’re just looking to fill out your fly box, we have a huge selection for all of your fly fishing needs. These flies are high quality and come from a manufacturer that is one of the largest names in flies: Umpqua Feather Merchants. We also have patterns from MFC and more. Best of all, all products you purchase at Trident come with FREE SHIPPING and a Price Match Guarantee so you’re always getting the best products at the lowest prices. Fill up your fly box by shopping now!