In an attempt to provide you with the best gear in fly fishing, we’ve expanded our fly selection to include a vast selection of the industry’s most popular flies. Regardless of which species you’re chasing or which fishing techniques you’re using, chances are we now carry your favorite pattern. Headed down south to target Permit on the fly? We’ve got plenty of popular Permit patterns including the Alphlexo Crab. Heading to Hawaii to chase monster Bonefish? Try the Bonefish Bitters Fly. Exploring your home waters for Bass? Traveling for Trout? We’ve got all the flies you need to build a thorough fly box for whatever species you fish for most. Plus, some patterns you’ve never heard of and didn’t even know you needed. 


Our fly collection is broken down into categories. If you’d prefer to sort by species, click View All and navigate using the menu on the left-hand side of the page. Some of our most popular categories include dry flies for trout, streamers for a variety of species, saltwater flies for everything from Stripers to Redfish, and Midges for those tricky picky trout. If you’d prefer to purchase a collection of flies, we carry a variety of fly assortments that are built for species and destination to make building a fly box easy and simple. 


If you’re a streamer junkie like we are, we have a handful of categories devoted to streamers. If you’re looking for patterns to strip out of a drift boat for predatory western brown trout, check out the streamers category. Patterns like the Bunny Leech Streamer and the Bead Head Crystal Bugger are perfect for stripping past big trout. Other freshwater streamers like the Mickey Finn and the Hornberg Streamer are great patterns for Bass, Trout, and even landlocked Salmon here in Maine. Of course, we have flesh flies for Alaska and a ton of other streamers that’ll help you catch larger fish. 


If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and would rather throw dry flies to risers, we have a huge selection of those, too. Tons of parachute patterns are easy to see on the water like the Parachute Baetis BWO Dry Fly and the Flick’s March Brown Dry Fly. If you’re a fan of attractor patterns, try the Stimulator or the Chubby Chernobyl. If you prefer to fish ants, beetles, and hoppers, we’ve got a large selection of those, too including the Morrish Hopper and Bionic Ant Fly. 


And of course for all you saltwater gurus we’ve got plenty of saltwater flies, too. In fact, our saltwater collection might be our largest fly selection. We carry a massive selection EP Flies which are largely saltwater flies. From the EP Tarantula Crab Fly to the EP Peanut Butter Fly there are EP flies for every situation and scenario. We also carry a wide variety of Umpqua saltwater flies that help you catch more fish on the water. 


Regardless of which species you’re pursuing or what techniques you’re using, we have a selection of flies that covers everything. From stripping streamers to floating crab flies to feeding rising fish with dries, you can get all of your fly needs right here at Trident. Best of all? All flies come with a price match guarantee so you can always be sure you’re getting the best flies for the lowest prices.