Locally Tied Flies

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  1. Foxy Pike Fly
  2. Slonskee Slayer Fly
  3. Brod's Green Crab
    Brod's Green Crab
  4. Jigged Cowboy Crab Fly
    Jigged Cowboy Crab Fly
  5. Gator Aid Fly
  6. Beast Fleye
    Beast Fleye
  7. Slammer Fly
    Slammer Fly
  8. Hollow Fleye
    Hollow Fleye
  9. Guitar Minnow Fly
    Guitar Minnow Fly
    $9.99 - $11.99
  10. Golden Retriever Fly
    Golden Retriever Fly
  11. Out of stock
    Slonskee Toad Fly
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Delve into a selection where craftsmanship meets local waters. Our handpicked assortment features flies hand-tied by the area's most knowledgeable artisans. Each fly is expertly crafted to mimic the natural prey within our unique fisheries. From tailwater tiny to brawling river robust, these flies are designed to enhance your angling experience and increase your success rate. Celebrate the art of fly fishing with gear that’s locally inspired, thoughtfully created, and proven on the water.