EP Mantis Shrimp Fly

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One of the tougher shrimp to imitate with a fly, the mantis shrimp is a shrimp that’s commonly found in both shallow and deep waters and makes an excellent source of food for a ton of different fish. The EP Mantis Shrimp is a solid imitation for these little critters and comes from the mind of Enrico Puglisi. Designed to trick bonefish and permit but able to hook a variety of saltwater species ranging from weakies to striper, the EP Mantis Shrimp is an important crustacean to have in your box. A great fly when fishing areas like channels, flats, and estuaries, the EP Mantis Shrimp is rich with movement and offers a realistic imitation.


Mantis shrimp are a colorful shrimp and their set range of color can vary slightly between examples, luckily, the EP Mantis Shrimp comes in a variety of colors and is tied with realistic eyes, rubber legs, an EP Fiber body, and is weighted with dumbbell eyes. A construction that matches the natural, this pattern does an excellent job at mimicking its target species, and with its dumbbell eyes, it rides with its hook point up. When fishing the EP Mantis Shrimp, it’s important to vary your retrieve until you find exactly what the fish prefer, but it’s hard to beat crawling this fly along the bottom. One that should be in your box whether you’re on a tropical southern flat or watching the tide rush into a New England harbor, the EP Mantis Shrimp is an effective fly almost anywhere you take it.

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