EP Ghost Shrimp Fly

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A bonefish fly that’s been fooling these picky fish for years, the EP Ghost Shrimp Fly is a necessary element to any day spent wading the flats. The EP Ghost Shrimp Fly was created by master tie Enrico Puglisi as an imitation for the small semi-translucent shrimp that are often food for bonefish and permit. With a dubbed body wound with flash, EP fiber wing accented with Krystal Flash, rubber legs, and realistic eyeballs, and finished off with bead chain eyes, this fly does a great job at matching a shrimp’s silhouette and providing lifelike motion while in the water. The EP Ghost Shrimp Fly also rides with its hook up so that you can cast it into mangroves and mussel beds without concern.


A fly that’s at home in tropical environments, you can fish the EP Ghost Shrimp anywhere the tide is moving and you suspect shrimp live, and this fly benefits from stripped retrieves with the occasional pause. Coming in a variety of colors, there’s an EP Ghost Shrimp to suit almost any shrimp on the flats, so whether you’re flying into Belize or headed into the Florida Keys, this is a fly that you won’t want to forget. 

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