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  1. Hareline Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle
    Special Price $7.49 was $7.49
  2. Hareline Marabou Strung Blood Quills
    Special Price $4.19 was $4.19
  3. Daiichi Alec Jacksons Heavy Wire Spey Hook
    Special Price $8.12 was $12.49
  4. Gamakatsu Octopus Hook
    Special Price $3.89 was $5.99
  5. Spirit River Spear-It Hook CS057
    Special Price $3.63 was $5.59
  6. Hareline Soft Hackle Marabou Patch
    Special Price $14.29 was $21.99
  7. Gamakatsu UV Octopus Hook
    Special Price $4.67 was $7.19
  8. Hareline Fluorescent Fly Eyes
    Special Price $2.53 was $3.89
  9. Ahrex Pr383 Barbless Predator Trailer Hook
    Special Price $4.80 was $7.39
  10. Westwater Thingamabody
    Special Price $2.46 was $3.79
  11. Hareline Saddle Patches
    Hareline Saddle Patches
    was $37.99 Special Price $24.69
  12. Ds Flyes Dura Flash Tubing
    Special Price $2.98 was $4.59
  13. Hareline Cross Cut Hide Strips
    Special Price $19.49 was $29.99
  14. Kileys Damzel Tails
    Special Price $3.70 was $5.69
  15. Daiichi Alec Jackson D1648 Hook
    Special Price $6.88 was $10.59
  16. Enrico Puglisi Invader Brush
    Special Price $6.49 was $9.99
  17. Kileys Slow Rolla Tails
    Special Price $3.44 was $5.29
  18. Enrico Puglisi Steelegg Brush
    Special Price $5.58 was $8.59
  19. Enrico Puglisi Sommerlattes Blend Foxy Brush
    Special Price $6.49 was $9.99
  20. Hareline Crosscut Two Tone Rabbit Flesh Strips
    Special Price $3.18 was $4.89
  21. Gamakatsu NS Black Octopus Hooks
    Special Price $3.24 was $4.99
  22. Hareline Poly Pro Braid
    Special Price $1.81 was $2.79
  23. Spirit River Spear-It Hook SS99
    Special Price $7.21 was $11.09
  24. Hareline Empty Cassettes
    Hareline Empty Cassettes
    was $4.49 Special Price $3.37
  25. Hareline Eco Leather Fly Box
    Special Price $14.29 was $21.99
  26. Hareline Krystal Pearl Chenille
    Special Price $3.24 was $4.99
  27. Hareline Sparkle Pseudo Hackle
    Special Price $2.14 was $3.29
  28. Spirit River Spear-It Hook S300
    Special Price $3.89 was $5.99
  29. Hareline Ice Braid
    Special Price $1.68 was $2.59
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73 items

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If you’re looking for a catch-all category for fly tying materials on sale, you’ve found it. We’re one of several retailers that carry fly tying materials online so it’s always easy to shop around to find the best prices available. In our sale category, however, you can be confident that you’re getting the lowest prices on these particular materials. With discounts up to 20% off, we’re always adding new materials, tools, and accessories to our large (and growing) fly tying sale category. From Hareline Marabou Strung Blood Quills to Spirit River Ostrich Jailhouse Feathers, you can find all of the materials you need for dry flies, streamers, nymphs, and more on sale right here. 


Rabbit strips are popular for tying streamers like squirrel leeches, Dolly Llamas, and others. While we carry a wide selection of rabbit under our fly tying hair & fur category, you can find older products and discounted strips and hides here. Rabbit comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so that you can craft your favorite fly at the vise. Other hair & fur includes deer hair, moose hair, elk hair, and other animal hair that’s been proven to be effective fly tying material. 


If you’re looking for heads, eyes, or foam, we have a solid selection of that in our fly tying sale category, too. From Hareline Zudbubbler Popper Bodies to Hareline Golden Tungsten Predator Body, the products you’ll find here are great for tying poppers, streamers, and nymphs. If you’re tying a bead head nymph, choose the Hareline Insta Jig Tungsten Head for increased weight to help your fly sink quickly into the feeding zone of a fish. These heads are ideal for anglers tying trout flies or mini bass streamers. 


Feathers and hackle are also an important part of fly tying. Many tyers use feathers for dry flies, wet flies, and even wrap them to create lifelike streamer bodies. We’re always putting various feathers and hackle on sale so that you can tie flies for cheaper than ever before. Take the Hareline Woolly Bugger Saddle Hackle, for example. This hackle is great for tying the traditional woolly bugger streamer or a variety of other patterns that can be fished for trout, bass, perch, and other freshwater species. If you’re looking for a longer feather that can be cut down to size, check out the Hareline Rhea Plume Feathers. These feathers come in a huge variety of colors and sizes to fit all of your fly tying needs. 


You’ll also find a great selection of discontinued/sale fly tying tools in this category. Whether you’re looking for dubbing brushes/tools or Hard Head Fly Tying Cement, we’ve discounted some of the most practical tools in fly tying here. Check back often because we’re always adding new tools and accessories to our fly tying sale category