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A Brief History of Simms Fishing

Simms Fishing, founded in 1980 by visionary angler John Simms, is a leading manufacturer of premium fly fishing gear and apparel, renowned for their high-quality waders, footwear, outerwear, and accessories. Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, Simms is dedicated to providing anglers with innovative and durable products that enhance their fishing experience while withstanding the toughest conditions.

The company takes pride in its use of advanced materials, such as GORE-TEX, to deliver unparalleled performance, breathability, and waterproof protection in their wader and outerwear lines. Simms waders are celebrated for their exceptional fit, comfort, and integrated features that cater to a diverse range of angling preferences and environments. The brand also recognizes the growing number of female anglers, offering women's-specific waders designed for improved fit and mobility.

In addition to their acclaimed waders, Simms offers an extensive range of fishing apparel, outerwear, footwear, and accessories, all designed with the same dedication to quality, performance, and durability. From sun-protective clothing and layering systems to sturdy wading boots and innovative packs, Simms products are trusted by professional guides and recreational anglers alike.

Simms is also committed to environmental responsibility, sourcing materials from eco-conscious suppliers and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices to minimize waste and pollution. By choosing Simms products, anglers not only equip themselves with top-performing gear but also contribute to the preservation of the natural environments they love. As a company driven by passion for the sport and a deep respect for the outdoors, Simms Fishing continues to set the standard for excellence in the fly fishing industry.

Innovative Material Technology

Simms waders are known for their innovative use of material technology, ensuring excellent performance and durability. By utilizing advanced fabrics such as GORE-TEX Pro Shell, Simms waders provide exceptional breathability, waterproof protection, and resistance to wear and tear. These materials are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand harsh fishing conditions while maintaining a high level of comfort. With varying layers of fabric across different series, Simms waders cater to a wide range of preferences and requirements, offering anglers the perfect combination of protection and performance.

Superior Fit and Comfort

Simms is committed to providing waders that offer a superior fit and comfort, ensuring that anglers can enjoy their fishing adventures to the fullest. By incorporating features such as articulated legs, adjustable suspenders, and waist belts, Simms waders provide enhanced mobility and a customized fit for anglers of all shapes and sizes. The waders are also designed with strategically placed seams that reduce wear and improve overall comfort, allowing anglers to focus on the thrill of the catch without distraction.

Women's Specific Waders

Simms recognizes the growing number of female anglers and has developed a line of women's-specific waders designed to cater to their unique needs. These waders are tailored for a women's-specific fit, providing improved comfort and mobility compared to unisex models. Available in various series, such as Freestone, G3 Guide, and G4 Pro, Simms Women's Waders deliver the same high-quality materials, innovative features, and reliable performance that the brand is known for, ensuring that female anglers are well-equipped for any fishing situation.

Integrated Functionality

Simms waders come with a range of integrated features that enhance their functionality and convenience. These features include gravel guards that protect against debris, large zippered chest pockets for convenient storage of essential gear, and built-in belt loops for attaching essential tools and accessories. By incorporating these practical features, Simms waders ensure that anglers have quick and easy access to their gear, allowing them to focus on their fishing experience with minimal interruption.

Environmental Responsibility

Simms is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing practices. The company sources its materials from environmentally conscious suppliers and adheres to strict manufacturing standards to minimize waste and pollution. By choosing Simms waders, anglers not only enjoy top-quality performance and comfort but also contribute to the brand's efforts in protecting and preserving the natural environments that they cherish.


Series Overview

Freestone Series: The Simms Freestone Series offers a range of durable and versatile waders suitable for anglers of all skill levels. Constructed with a breathable, 4-layer Toray QuadraLam fabric, these waders provide comfort and protection in various fishing conditions. The articulated, reinforced knees enhance mobility, while the adjustable suspenders and integrated gravel guards ensure a secure fit and excellent performance during long days on the water.

G3 Guide Series: Designed for professional guides and serious anglers, the G3 Guide Series waders feature a 4-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric that delivers outstanding durability, breathability, and waterproof protection. With features such as articulated legs, adjustable suspenders, and a zippered chest pocket, these waders provide superior comfort and convenience. The patented front and back leg seams enhance mobility and reduce wear, making the G3 Guide Series a top choice for demanding fishing situations.

G4 Pro Series: The Simms G4 Pro Series represents the pinnacle of wader technology, boasting a 5-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric that offers unmatched durability, breathability, and waterproof performance. Designed for the most challenging conditions, these waders feature a streamlined design, articulated legs, and an adjustable waist belt for enhanced mobility and comfort. The G4 Pro Series also includes a large zippered chest pocket and integrated gravel guards, ensuring a reliable and efficient angling experience.

Headwaters Pro Series: The Headwaters Pro Series waders are designed for anglers seeking lightweight, high-performance waders at a more accessible price point. Constructed with a 3-layer GORE-TEX Pro Shell fabric, these waders offer excellent breathability, durability, and waterproof protection. The articulated legs, adjustable suspenders, and integrated gravel guards provide a comfortable and secure fit, while the zippered chest pocket offers convenient storage for essential gear.

Women's Waders: Simms offers a range of women's waders designed specifically to cater to the female angler's needs. These waders feature a women's-specific fit for enhanced comfort and mobility and are constructed with high-quality, breathable materials that provide reliable waterproof protection. Available in various series, including Freestone, G3 Guide, and G4 Pro, Simms Women's Waders cater to a wide range of preferences, ensuring that female anglers can find the perfect waders for their fishing adventures.