Fly Tying Vises & Accessories

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  1. Regal Medallion Fly Tying Vise
    $200.00 - $405.00
  2. Regal Revolution Fly Tying Vise
    $350.00 - $585.00
  3. Peak Rotary Vise Midge Jaws
  4. Hareline Flat Vise Base
  5. Regal Travel Fly Tying Vise
    $215.00 - $323.00
  6. Regal Medallion Vise Heads
    $156.00 - $275.00
  7. Stonfo Vise Magnifying Glass
  8. Regal Revolution Vise Heads
    $252.00 - $335.00
  9. Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise
  10. HMH Pedestal Spartan Vise
  11. Renzetti Presentation 2300 Fly Tying Vise
    $379.99 - $434.99
  12. Abel Vise Base
  13. Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise
  14. Griffin Vise Superior C-Clamp
  15. Hareline Vise Fly Racks
  16. Stonfo Elite Vise
  17. Stonfo Kaiman Vise
  18. HMH Spartan Vise C-Clamp
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The Vises and Accessories category may be the most important fly tying category. After all, you can’t tie a fly without a vise. We have a complete selection of a huge variety of vises for all your travel and tying needs. If you’re looking for a simple, beginner vise, we’ve got you covered with a large variety of vises that are built for the beginner. If you’re an experienced tyer, we have vises for you, too, including rotary vises and much more. Do you usually tie flies on the go? Our selection of traveler vises ranges from simple to complex with popular vises like the Renzetti Traveler C-Clamp near the top of our favorites list. We also have replacement parts, bases, magnifying glasses, and many more accessories. If you’re in the market for a new vise or for vise parts, shop here first. 


Renzetti may be one of the most popular brand names in the fly tying vise sphere. Renzetti is known for its quality vises and accessories that allow anglers to tie efficiently and effectively. One of the most popular vises in the Renzetti family is the Renzetti Traveler Vise. There are a few versions of this vise, including a saltwater-safe vise, for all of your travel needs. These vises are easy to pack, easy to set up, and capable of tying any fly and supporting any hook. If you’re looking for a vise that’s geared more toward the beginner tyer, choose the Renzetti Apprentice Vise. This vise is small, simple, and easy to attach to any table or desk. The jaws function on a simple lock system and tighten around most hooks. 


Another top brand in the vise-making industry is Peak. Peak vises have long been a symbol of high quality and high performance. If you’re looking for a Rotary Vise, Peak’s Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base is a great option for the experienced tyer. Rotary vises allow the tyer to rotate the vise while tying for efficiency and accuracy. The Pedestal version also allows anglers to anchor a vise on a table to make tying easier. If you prefer a non-rotary vise and want to keep your tying simple and affordable, choose the Peak Non-Rotary Vise for easy tying in almost any environment. 


Stonfo is another brand in the fly tying vise game that creates durable products that are user-friendly and highly efficient. If you’re an experienced tyer and you want a versatile vise that allows you to tie streamers, tube flies, in-line flies, and more with a few simple clicks. If you’d prefer a more affordable vise that doesn’t feature transformer capabilities, the Stonfo Elite Vise has all of the bells and whistles of a high-end vise. Stonfo also makes Magnifying Glasses that can be attached to your vise for elevated attention to detail. 


Finally, if you’re in the market for a high-end C-Clamp Vise, HMH makes a few different options. The Standard Bench Vise offers a C-Clamp design and durable frame for years of high-performance tying. The Spartan C-Clamp Vise from HMH is the slightly-more-affordable alternative. HMH also has one baseline vise model and a few different options in the mid-price range. 


If you’re looking for a new vise, replacement parts, a specific brand, or just accessories for your existing vise, start here. We have the largest selection of vises and accessories and everything SHIPS FOR FREE OVER $49. Shop Now!