The Feather Game Changer is one of our favorite freshwater streamer patterns here at Trident. This fly works well when tied with a stinger hook or without for bass, trout, and pretty much any freshwater fish. Here Jared ties the streamer in a Crayfish Orange color to imitate a sculpin or any other small freshwater baitfish. This pattern moves incredibly well in the water and is sure to grab the attention of a brown trout lurking in the shadows.

Tips for tying the Feather Game Changer Fly Pattern including a materials list, instructional video, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Step One:

Begin by placing the shortest Articulated Fish Spine in the vise and starting your thread. Cover the gap in the Fish Spine to seal off the back half of the shank.

Step Two:

Create a tail by grabbing some whispy hackle off of the hackle patch and tying it in at the back of the shank. Tie a single feather in on both sides of the hook shank.

Step Three:

Choose two more hackle feathers and pull the hairs back to create a delta to tie down to the hook. Once you create the delta, tie in the two hackle feathers and wrap them forward. When wrapping, pull the fibers back so they lay flat on the fly. After wrapping the hackle feathers forward tie off the feathers and trim the stems.

Step Four:

Repeat Step Three by wrapping two more hackle feathers forward. Whip finish and reinforce the tie-in point on the first shank with superglue. Add a second shank and repeat Steps 1-4. Choose hackle feathers that are slightly longer than the feathers on the first shank to create a nice body taper on the fly.

Step Five:

Whip finish your thread on the second shank, reinforce the tie-in point with superglue, then attach the third shank to the fly. This third shank should be the same size as the second shank.

Step Six:

Repeat Steps 1-5 on the third shank. Choose hackle feathers that are slightly longer than the feathers on the second shank to create a nice body taper on the fly.

Step Seven:

Put the Stringer Hook in the vise and add an orange bead. Attach the articulation wire by looping it through the eye of the third shank and tying down one side at a time on the shank of the hook. Tie the wire forward then double it back for increased durability.

Step Eight:

Repeat Steps 1-4 on the final section of the fly using the largest hackle feathers. Finally, whip finish and reinforce the tie-in point with superglue.

And that's the final Feather Game Changer Streamer Fly. Jared tied this pattern in a very basic color scheme but flash and different colors can be added depending on what kind of baitfish you're trying to imitate. This is a phenomenal streamer pattern for fall trout who are looking for a big meal and bulking up for the winter months.


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