Whiting American Streamer Pack

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If you would like actual photos of the feathers you are purchasing, please purchase this product along with your feathers.

Whiting’s American Streamer Pack provides you with a solid selection of larger feathers that don’t require you to pay a fortune. These streamer packs have large feathers with nice rigid features and can be used in a range of different applications such as classic streamer wings or tying larger patterns for predatory fish. Whiting’s American Streamer Pack also has the quality that you’ve come to expect from Whiting and is a great addition to all of our tying benches. 



With their large size, most feathers in the Whiting American Streamer Pack can be used for applications such as tying tarpon flies, crafting classic winged streamers, making crab or crayfish claws, or even stripping fibers off to be used for tails on dry flies, nymphs, and emergers. Versatile feathers that come in a range of colors, these streamer packs are useful whether you’re tying flies for salt or freshwater use.



Although Whiting’s American Streamer Pack has feathers that can be substituted with others like those found on a Saddle Hackle or even Hareline’s Saltwater Neck Hackle, no option offers quite the range of sizes for the same price. Being that you get such a solid variety of feathers, this is a hard one to find a true comparison for, as other options come with a much higher pricetag or are strung together and don’t offer the same quality. 

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