Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod

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Note: This is the 2.0 version of the Thomas & Thomas Zone with the new black color reel seat

T&T’s new mid-priced rod series, the Zone, captures everything we love about high-end T&T rods. The Zone comes in a host of rod models with smaller medium-fast trout rods and larger fast action saltwater rods. These rods are accurate, lively, and a real pleasure to cast. A natural finish preserves the integrity of the blank for ultimate performance in any angling situation. T&T’s Zone series combines high-end blank technology with functional componentry to produce a rod that every angler will love.


Advanced StratoTherm Resin and Natural Finish - T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm tech produces rods that are accurate and lively. The Zone’s blank is light and responsive with high recovery speeds and vibration dampening characteristics. The rod blank’s power translates to high performance at longer casting distances. A natural finish captures the rod’s full performance profile and enhances rod strength.


Titanium Frame Stripping Guides w/Zirconium Inserts - The stripping guide on the Zone is rugged and high performing. The Zirconium insert minimizes friction and the titanium design is functional and strong.

Chrome Single-Foot Snake Guides (3wt-7wt) - Single foot snake guides keep the lighter Zone rods light and functional. Snake guides accommodate any fly line and maximize casting efficiency with their friction-resistant design.

E-Coating Universal Snake Guides (8wt-10wt) - On the heavier rod models, E-Coating adds durability and corrosion resistance to the snake guides of the Zone. Snake guides are industry-accepted and time-proven.

Reel Seat

Black Reel Seat - The Zone’s reel seat is simple and efficient. On the smaller rod models, a black carbon fiber reel seat and a clear anodized aluminum single uplocking component keep the rods lightweight without sacrificing durability or performance. The heavier saltwater rod models also have a black carbon fiber reel seat with double uplocking componentry to secure large saltwater fly reels.

Rod Tube

Aluminum Rod Tube - The Zone comes in a silver-colored aluminum rod tube that protects the rod during travel and transportation. These tubes are durable and include a T&T rod sock for increased fly rod protection.


T&T Lifetime Warranty - As of July 2019, T&T offers an original owner lifetime warranty against breakage due to defects in materials or workmanship. Rods must be registered with T&T within 30 days of purchase. The warranty does not cover lost sections or lost rods, normal wear and tear, neglect or intentional breakage. T&T will also repair rods for a $55 service fee provided they’re registered to the original owner.

More Info

Rod Action (3wt - 4wt): Medium-Fast

Rod Action (5wt - 10wt): Fast

Best for: All Water, Flats

Grip (3wt - 4wt): Half Wells

Grip (5wt): Full Wells

Grip (6wt - 10wt): Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Ability Level: Beginner - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a Saltwater specific line for the larger rod models. Our favorite for tropical applications is:

Staff Reviews


  • Best New Saltwater Fly Rod, 2018 IFTD Show
ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 9ft 4wt Fly Rod (490-4)Half Wells9ft4BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 10ft 2in 2wt Fly Rod (2102-4)Half Wells10ft 2in2BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 10ft 2in 3wt Fly Rod (3102-4)Half Wells10ft 2in3BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 6in 6wt Fly Rod (696-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft 6in6BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft8BlueFast$645.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 9wt Fly Rod (990-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft9BlueFast$645.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 10wt Fly Rod (1090-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft10BlueFast$645.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 7ft 6in 3wt Fly Rod (376-4)Half Wells7ft 6in3BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 8ft 6in 4wt Fly Rod (486-4)Half Wells8ft 6in4BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft6BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 9ft 7wt Fly Rod (790-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft7BlueFast$595.00
Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod 10ft 7wt Fly Rod (7100-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt10ft7BlueFast$595.00
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