Scientific Anglers SONAR Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line

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When predatory fish are looking up and you need to serve them a five-course meal à la a 10” Game Changer, make the delivery with the Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line from Scientific Anglers. Designed for throwing the largest flies in your box, the Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line combines a short and powerful head with a slow sinking (1.25 ips) density. Built with versatility, the Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line is a line that you can tackle many species with--from striped bass to musky, this line doesn’t miss a beat. 



SA Line ID, Advanced Shooting Technology, and Sonar Sinking Technology - Made in line weights 6 through 12, Scientific Anglers prevents you from grabbing the wrong one with their SA Line ID, which is an integrated identification system found at the first 1’-2’ of your line’s tip. When you need to squeeze every foot you can out of your cast, you’ll thank Scientific Anglers for their Advanced Shooting Technology (AST). AST is a patented dry-slick technology that decreases friction while increasing distance, and it doesn’t stop there, as it also repels dirt and grime in order to extend the life of your line. The Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line was designed to fish streamers just under the surface, and Scientific Anglers utilizes their Sonar Sinking Technology to keep your flies right where you want them. Sonar Technology is a combination of a unique tungsten formula and a solid tapering system that work together in order to keep your flies in the strike zone longer.  



Streamers - This isn’t the line that you’ll use to cast nymphs into pocket water, instead, the Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line is the line that you turn to when you need to present massive streamers to predatory fish. Whether you’re throwing a 14” T-Bones at musky or casting Beast Fleyes into the wash, this line can deliver them all with ease. 



Cold/Moderate - Scientific Anglers made their Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line for use in cold to warm fresh and saltwater. This allows you to fish cold and warm freshwater rivers as well as saltwater that isn’t considered tropical. If you were to get this line in a tropical situation, you’ll find that it will soften up and go limp. 



More Mass Towards the Front of the Head - Made for fishing some of the largest streamers in your box, Scientific Anglers focuses the mass towards the front of the head with their Sonar Titan Full Intermediate Fly Line. With a short and powerful head, this line makes for easy turnover and quick shots when necessary. A versatile taper that caters to the streamer angler, this line effectively loads even the fastest of rods and makes for easy casting even when your fly makes a beer bottle look small.   


More Info 

Best for: Freshwater, Trout, Bass, Steelhead, Pike, and Musky, Saltwater, Striper

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Intermediate


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10I105.0'380gr/24,6g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF11I105.0'450gr/29,2g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF12I105.0'500gr/32,4g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF6I105.0'210gr/13,6g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF7I105.0'240gr/15,6g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF8I105.0'280gr/18,1g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
WF9I105.0'330gr/21,4g33.5’1.25 ipsBlue/Pale Green$99.95
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