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Whether you’re a true fishing bum that spends more time on the water than at the office or someone who has to make the most out of every free minute they get, Sage’s new R8 Core Fly Rod is the perfect tool. Utilizing Sage’s R8 Core Technology, this series of fast-action rods combines a hefty range of species versatility with a well-connected feel and a seamless transfer of energy in every cast that you make. Building on decades of premium rod building craftsmanship, the R8 Core family of rods makes it easy to create those days when everything feels on point and being “one with the water” happens naturally. And built with a focus on versatility, the R8 Core rods are made in line weights 3 through 9; this makes them a tool that you can turn to whether you’re dropping terrestrials under every undercut bank in search of wild brookies or casting foot-long streamers into a school of blitzing crevalle. All-new axial fiber construction provides instant feedback and a sensitive feel from your hand to the fly–this sensitivity begins at your cast, extends into your presentation, and ends with the fight of the fish, and Sage’s Silver Pine blank brings a look that puts a smile on your face whether the rod’s resting in your hand or sitting on the stream’s bank while you break for lunch. 



R8 Core Technology - R8 Core is Sage’s newest blank technology, and its key focuses lie in a combination of seamless fishing versatility–whether that be species, habitats, or conditions–and an Amplified Two-Way Feedback Loop that provides sensitivity in every aspect of your cast, presentation, and fights. This combination gives the angler complete control during every second spent on the water, and with such a range of line weights, there’s an R8 Core model for almost any fishing trip on your calendar. And despite this rod being designed for fishing, it does offer aesthetic value through its Silver Pine blank color and clean slate primary thread wraps with white and grey trim. 



Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides - Both long-lasting and reliable, Sage outfitted their R8 Core series with Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides. These guides provide top-tier performance and drag reduction that’s tough to beat. 

Hard Chromed Snake Guides - An industry standard that gives flawless performance and a look that just seems right, Sage’s R8 Core rods are equipped with Hard Chromed Snake Guides. 


Reel Seat

Sustainable Ziricotta wood with anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat (3 weight - 5 weight) - In their 3 through 5 weight models, Sage gives an elegant and sustainable Ziricotta wood insert with an anodized up-locking reel seat. This is durable construction that will prevent your reel from loosening up, and you can count on it looking darn good while doing so.

Corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum reel seat (5 weight - 9 weight) - Ready for use in saltwater (and freshwater), Sage’s R8 Core series in weights 5 through 9 have a corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum reel seat. This reel seat offers a clean look in hand, while its anodized aluminum prevents corrosion while remaining durable in the long run. For added convenience, there’s also a “hidden” reel seat hook keeper.


Rod Tube

Aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion - During its downtime, Sage wants to ensure that your R8 Core Rod is protected, so they’ve included an aluminum rod tube with the Sage logo as well as a matching black rod bag–and this isn’t just any rod bag because instead of tying it up like a pair of shoes, it has an all-new cord lock for quick and easy storage. Albeit it a small addition, this cord lock is a game-changer whenever it comes to stowing. 



The Sage Warranty - As of March 2022, every new Sage rod and blank are covered by Sage’s lifetime, original owner warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Limited to repair and replacement of the rod or blank, this warranty will not cover defects caused by fire, theft, lost rod sections, intentional breakage, modification, and customization, or any damage caused during the building of a blank into a finished rod. Sage charges a processing fee to handle any warranty processes. 


More Info

Rod Action: Fast-action

Best for: Various applications depending on line weight, ranging from nymphing, dry fly fishing, and stripping streamers

Grip: Premium Flor grade snub-nose half-wells cork handle (3-6wt)

Full Wells w/Fighting Butt (7-9wt)

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)

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ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Sage R8 Core 9ft 5wt Fly Rod (590-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells9ft5Silver PineFast2.69 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (Snub-nose Half-Wells)(690-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells9ft6Silver PineFast2.81 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft8Silver PineFast3.69 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 9wt Fly Rod (990-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft9Silver PineFast3.81 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 3wt Fly Rod (390-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells9ft3Silver PineFast2.63 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 10ft 4wt Fly Rod (4100-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells10ft4Silver PineFast3.13 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 8ft 6in 4wt Fly Rod (486-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells8ft 6in4Silver PineFast2.56 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 8ft 6in 5wt Fly Rod (586-4)Snub-nose Half-Wells8ft 6in5Silver PineFast2.56 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6in 5wt Fly Rod (596-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft 6in5Silver PineFast3.25 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 10ft 6wt Fly Rod (6100-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt10ft6Silver PineFast3.56 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (Full Wells w/Fighting Butt)(691-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft6Silver PineFast3.25 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6in 6wt Fly Rod (696-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft 6in6Silver PineFast3.38 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 10ft 7wt Fly Rod (7100-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt10ft7Silver PineFast3.94 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6in 7wt Fly Rod (796-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft 6in7Silver PineFast3.69 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 10ft 8wt Fly Rod (8100-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt10ft8Silver PineFast4 oz.$1,050.00
Sage R8 Core 9ft 6in 8wt Fly Rod (896-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft 6in8Silver PineFast3.81 oz.$1,050.00
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