Rio Tarpon Fly Assortment

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Tarpon are the silver kings of the saltwater world – big, hard fighting with spectacular jumps and stunning to look at. RIO’s Tarpon Assortment is all you will need for targeting tarpon around the world, whether on flats, in channels and river mouths, or in the ditch down the road.

The assortment includes 8 very effective tarpon flies, which includes the following:

1. Marabou Toad - Olive/Tan, Size 1
2. Marabou Toad – Purple/Black, Size 1
3. RIO's Dread Pirate - Rust/Olive, Size 1/0
4. RIO's Dread Pirate - Yellow/Chartreuse, Size 1/0
5. RIO's Smelling Salt - Black & Red, Size 1/0
6. RIO's Smelling Salt – Chartreuse, Size 1/0
7. RIO's Truffle Shuffle – Black, Size 1
8. RIO's Truffle Shuffle – Lime, Size 1

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