Rigging: Adding backing and fly line to your reel

Trident Fly Fishing is a full-service fly shop. That means that, in addition to being anglers ourselves, we've got the capability to rig your new outfit and ship it to you 'ready to fish'. There's nothing worse than losing a big fish due to a bad knot, so at Trident Fly Fishing we take rigging seriously from world-record hopefuls to backyard bluegill anglers. 

When you buy a reel or an outfit from us, you'll have the ability to select Standard or Custom backing as an option on your new reel. Please remember that while we love to rig up your outfit, it does take extra time and may delay your shipment by 3-5 business days.

'Standard' Backing

Our standard rigging isn't really 'standard'. With our standard backing option, you'll receive the same world-class rigging as you've come to expect from Trident. Best of all, it's free with most reels. Unfortunately, we aren't able to add backing to your spare spool UNLESS you purchase a reel at the same time.

Here's what you can expect with 'Standard' backing:

  • First, we attach all backing to the arbor using the proven arbor knot.
  • White Dacron Backing matched to the size of your reel. We stick to the reel manufacturer's recommendations on size and capacity. So, if you're ordering a 5-weight, it will probably come with 20lb white dacron, whereas a 12-weight tarpon outfit will most likely have 30lb Dacron, but it's always best to check the capacity charts if you have a question.
  • A blind splice. The blind splice is the strongest way to attach backing to your fly line, and it's also the most streamlined. No more catching that Bimini Twist in your guides.



Custom Backing

For those anglers in search of world records - or just those who really want that needle-nail-knot  - we offer our Custom Rigging program. If you select custom rigging with your reel, we'll e-mail you within 24 hours to discuss rigging options. Gel Spun is NOT included with this option and must be purchased separately.

While we can accommodate almost anything with our custom option, here are a few common requests that are made:

  • Colored Dacron backing (We have many colors available)
    • Green
    • Black
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Yellow
    • White
    • Chartreuse
  • Big Game rigging - like adding a length of 60lb Fluorocarbon to your fly line
  • Braided or Whipped Loops

Custom backing charges are non-refundable once we perform it.


Gel Spun, Power Pro, and Hatch Premium

Sometimes you need just a little more capacity or flexibility in your reel. Or maybe only the best will do. For those of us, there are several choices of 'Gel-Spun' backing. Some anglers prefer a gel spun because of it's got a tiny diameter and massive strength as well as it's resistance to UV exposure (Our current favorite is PowerPro Hollow Ace). All premium backing options MUST be purchased separately.

If you purchase premium backing along with your reel, we'll contact you to see if you want us to spool it on for you. If your backing is NOT hollow, it will be finished with a Bimini Twist instead of a blind splice.

Any backing that we spool onto your reel is also non-refundable.

Mounting a Fly Line

We also have the ability to add a fly line to your reel. The easiest way to do this is by adding THIS product to your cart, or contacting us. You must purchase the line separately for us to mount it for you.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you'd like us to do this:

  • If the line you purchased doesn't have a loop, we'll use an Albright Knot instead of a blind splice.
  • If you would like us to install a loop, please select Custom backing
  • Any fly line that we mount onto your reel is non-refundable.


While we do our best to ensure that your rigging is perfect when it arrives, it's always best to double check all of the connections before you go fishing.