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Designed in Vermont with a focus on affordability that doesn’t sacrifice quality and performance, Orvis’ line of Clearwater Rods is ready for anything from tiny mountain brooks to a wide open flat. Made with a medium-fast action, the Clearwater offers solid feedback and casting presentation whether you’re just starting out or have decades of fly fishing under your belt.  Performance-driven, the Clearwater has enough power to launch large flies, handle gusts of wind, and make those lengthy casts at cruising fish. Whether you need a 2 weight for small panfish, a 4 weight for Euro nymphing, or a 12 weight to handle the tarpon of a lifetime, Orvis makes their Clearwater series in a range of different line weights and lengths to accommodate just about any fish you’re chasing. 


High Modulus Graphite - Made out of high modulus graphite with a medium-fast action, the Clearwater blank makes for smooth and versatile casting. With its graphite core, you get a lightweight feel with this blank, while its medium-fast action provides instant feedback so that you can feel every flex this rod makes. 

The Clearwater Rod also comes with a clean black finish. This blank has a timeless look and also brings just enough stealth whether you’re pursuing tough trout or bonefish in a shallow channel. 


Chrome Snake and Stripper Guides with Ceramic Insert - For their Clearwater series, Orvis outfits each rod with chrome snake and stripper guides with ceramic inserts. With the chrome outer, you get excellent durability without excess weight, and a ceramic insert ensures that every cast you make is shooting nice and smoothly. 

Reel Seat

Dual Uplocking Black Nickel Aluminum Reel Seat - A versatile reel seat that lets you rest easy knowing that your reel is always secure, Orvis’ Clearwater Rods have a black nickel aluminum reel seat. With the aluminum composition, this seat is nice and light while resisting corrosion, and its black nickel finish offers additional stealth for those spooky fish that get put down over any reflection of light.  

Rod Tube

Safe and sound is exactly how your rods should rest when you’re not using them, and Orvis outfits their Clearwater series with a solid rod tube. This tube will protect your Clearwater whether you’re flying to a different country or just drop it on the ground early in the morning before you’ve had your coffee. 


As of July 2022, Orvis’ Clearwater Fly Rods are backed by their 25-Year Guarantee. This is a straightforward and excellent warranty that lasts for 25 years. It doesn’t matter whether you slam it in a door, step on it, or you encounter a manufacturer defect, Orvis will repair or replace your rod. If the rod can’t be repaired and it’s out of production, Orvis will choose a newer model of at least equal value. 

More Info

Rod Action: Medium-fast action

Best for: Nymphs, Streamers, Dry Flies, Euro nymphing

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)

Recommended Lines

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Orvis Clearwater 10ft 3wt Fly Rod (3100-4)10ft3BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 10ft 5wt Fly Rod (5100-4)10ft5BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 7ft 6in 3wt Fly Rod (376-4)7ft 6in3BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 8ft 6in 4wt Fly Rod (486-4)8ft 6in4BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 8ft 6in 5wt Fly Rod (586-4)8ft 6in5BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 4wt Fly Rod (490-4)9ft4BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-4)9ft6BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-4)9ft8BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 6in 6wt Fly Rod (696-4)9ft 6in6BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 10wt Fly Rod (1090-4)9ft10BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 4in 11wt Fly Rod (1194-4)9ft 4in11BlackMedium-Fast$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 11ft 4in 3wt Fly Rod (3114-4)11ft 4in3BlackMedium-Fast$398.00
Orvis Clearwater 10ft 2wt Fly Rod (2100-4)10ft2Black$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 5wt Fly Rod (590-6)9ft5Black$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 6wt Fly Rod (690-6)9ft6Black$249.00
Orvis Clearwater 9ft 8wt Fly Rod (890-6)9ft8Black$249.00
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