Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly

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Putting an effective and fish-friendly twist on an already tried-and-true classic--the Morrish Mouse--the Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly picks up where the original left off to give you an ultra-effective mouse that can catch anything from lunker bass to nocturnal trout. While the original Morrish Mouse has been catching trophy fish for years, guides in Alaska have found that some fish hit the fly so hard that it deeply hooks them and increases fish morality. With this problem on the table, Ken Morrish sat at the vise and developed the Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly, which utilizes the same construction as the original, but with an upturned trailing hook that decreases deep-hooking and makes the release nice and easy.


While the Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly was created out of a problem, it is a great pattern that can be fished to match a variety of small rodents like mice and voles. With a spun deer hair body, rabbit strip tail, and foam overbody, this mouse floats incredibly well and creates a chugging when retrieved that just draws fish in. Everyone should carry a mouse with them, and it is hard to find one thats more effective and easier on the fish than the Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly. From heavy trout that haunt your dreams to pike rushing out of a weedbed, the Morrish Mouse 2.0 Fly can (safely) hook them all. 

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