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Whenever you need to add immediate weight to your flies and get them deep, Hareline’s Quick Descent Dubbing is just the right choice. Hareline’s Quick Descent Dubbing is a dubbing designed to increase the weight of your fresh and saltwater patterns and it’s made of very fine aluminum strands. Super easy to work with, this dubbing applies nicely to your thread and comes in a variety of flashy colors. From getting your nymphs deeper to making streamer bodies sink quickly, Hareline’s Quick Descent Dubbing can do it all. 



The major purpose of Hareline’s Quick Descent Dubbing is to put weight into your fly without using any wires or beads (though, should you want a very fast-sinking fly, you can use Quick Descent Dubbing in conjunction with wire and beads). Able to be used to make streamer bodies, nymph bodies, hot spots, wet flies, midges, emergers, thoraxes on nymphs, and steelhead flies, Quick Descent Dubbing is a versatile material that can be used in nearly any sized fly. Not designed to be used for patterns that should float, Quick Descent Dubbing is the right choice whenever you’re looking to get those flies down deep. 



Although dubbing is one of the most commonly used materials in fly tying, no other dubbing offers an ability to easily weight your flies like Hareline’s Quick Descent Dubbing. As far as a substitute for the flashy color found in most options of Quick Descent Dubbing, Ice Dub would be fine, but it lacks the aluminum construction that makes Quick Descent Dubbing so useful on sinking patterns. 


Example Flies

Quick Descent Dubbing is a material that you can use anytime you’re looking to quickly add weight to a pattern. A few of the more famous flies that use Quick Descent Dubbing are:

  • Drowned Trico
  • Bubble Pupa
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