Hareline Hare'E Ice Dub

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A combination of two of the most popular dubbings on the market–Ice Dub and Hares Ear Dubbing–Hareline’s HareE Ice Dub is an instant hit whether you’re tying up some big streamers for steelhead or tiny nymphs to take on a small freestone creek. HareE Ice Dub is super easy to apply to your thread, and the buggy appearance of Hares Ear Dubbbing plus the added light reflectivity of Ice Dub makes it easy to tie super-fishy flies with just the right amount of flash. HareE Ice Dub is available in a wide range of colors to allow you to match things like caddis larvae and mayfly nymphs just as well you can imitate larger forage like sculpins and tomcats. A material with year-round versatility, you’ll find yourself grabbing a pinch of HareE Ice Dub whether you’re filling the winter nymph box or the spring emerger box.  


Hareline’s HareE Ice Dub is an ultra-versatile dubbing and it can be used for many different patterns and applications. This dubbing is easy to apply to your thread, making it a great choice for dubbing bodies and thoraxes on nymphs, wet flies, and emergers, and thanks to its subtle flash, it’s an equally great material when tying streamer patterns or even steelhead and salmon flies. Also, when you’re looking to achieve a chunkier profile, HareE Ice Dub is a great addition to a dubbing loop. 


A material that’s similar to HareE Ice Dub is Hareline’s Ice Dub. Ice Dub is a longtime staple whenever it comes to dubbing and it’s been used in a nearly infinite amount of ways. HareE Ice Dub shares some of the characteristics of Ice Dub in that it offers a flashy appearance, but with its addition of Hares Ear Dubbing, you end up with a much more subtle flash that’s a bit more buggy in appearance. While both of these dubbing choices are very reliable, whenever you want something that offers a more natural appearance, HareE Ice Dub is the way to go. 

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