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  1. Thomas & Thomas Avantt Fly Rod
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  2. Thomas & Thomas Sextant Fly Rod
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  3. Thomas & Thomas Zone 2.0 Fly Rod
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  4. Thomas & Thomas Lotic Fly Rod
  5. Thomas & Thomas DNA Spey Fly Rod
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  7. Thomas & Thomas Avantt II
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Thomas & Thomas Fly Rods was founded in 1969 by Tom Dorsey and Thomas Maxwell. In the early days, T&T focused on bamboo fly rod construction. As the company grew and prospered, engineering and craftsmanship led to graphite and fiberglass fly rods. Today, the company has a wide selection of fly rods for all fishing applications. All Thomas & Thomas rods are handcrafted in the U.S. and the company is based in Greenfield Massachusetts.

The Exocett Rod Series from T&T is perhaps their most well-known rod series. The Exocett series is a do-it-all saltwater rod collection. These rods are exceptionally strong, powerful, and efficient. Lifting line off the water and making quick casts to a host of saltwater fish species becomes easy. The Exocett features T&T’s proprietary StratoTherm Resin to add dampening characteristics to an already-smooth rod. The rods are also lightweight with tons of easily accessible power. The Exocett comes in rod sizes from 6wt to 12wt. All rods include a matte blue blank, a choice of ceramic titanium frame or RECoil stripping guides, and high-quality cork grips. Whether you’re targeting stripers on the coast of Maine or Giant Trevally in the Seychelles, the Exocett is made for performance.

T&T has an equally impressive freshwater rod series. The Avantt Rod Series continues T&T’s state-of-the-art rod building legacy. This series features lightweight rods with low swing weight, fast line recovery speeds, intimate command, and unparalleled power. Power sometimes means sacrificing the ability to make delicate presentations; not with the Avantt. This rod series performs in close and at a distance. Ideal for typical trout distances, the Avantt is a must-have in any serious angler’s arsenal. These rods come in rod sizes from 3wt to 4wt and three different lengths. The Avantt series is a work of art and a incredible fly fishing tool.

T&T also recently released a mid-priced all-around rod series. The T&T Zone series allows angler access to a quality fly rod at an affordable price. These rods are crafted with extreme care and feature StratoTherm resin technology, blue wraps, a composite cork grip, titanium torzite-style stripping guides, and an unsanded blue rod blank. Heavier rod weights can be used for saltwater fishing and lighter rod weights can be used for freshwater fishing. The rods come in rod sizes from 3wt to 10wt.

T&T is also a manufacturer of industry-leading two-handed rods. The T&T DNA Spey Fly Rod series is one of the best two-handers on the market. The DNA Spey Rod is perfect for fishing mid belly lines, Scandi style lines, shooting heads, and more. The rods have a deep flex and unrivaled feel for power and finesse when attacking your favorite Steelhead or Salmon river. These rods feature a multi-modulus graphite blank, a quality Spey grip, a pewter gray milled aluminum down-locking reel seat, and Fuji stripping guides. The DNA also comes in a Switch rod, great for overhead casting or two-handed casting.

Thomas and Thomas have always prided themselves on premier quality and craftsmanship. All rods are built in the USA and are constructed with high-end, high-performance materials. Tradition and incredible engineering make T&T rods some of the best in the world.