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  1. Greys Lance Fly Rod
    $189.95 - $249.95
  2. Greys Wing Streamflex Fly Rod
    $369.95 - $499.95
  3. Greys Kite Fly Rod
    $229.95 - $299.95
  4. Greys Wing Spey Fly Rod
    $649.95 - $699.95
  5. Greys Wing Travel Fly Rod
    $469.95 - $699.95
  6. Greys Wing Salt Fly Rod
    $419.95 - $469.95
  7. Greys Wing Trout Spey Fly Rod
    $569.95 - $579.95
  8. Greys Kite Switch Fly Rod
  9. Greys Kite Spey Rod
    $429.95 - $449.95
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Dating back to the year 1968, formerly named “Greys of Alnwick,”  the company that we know today as “Greys” was founded by the passionate angler, Malcolm Grey. Taking his English roots, Malcolm combined his last name with the town of Alnwick to come up with the company’s name, and he continued chasing this influence throughout much of his time building the success of Greys of Alnwick. 

Malcolm’s initial plan with Greys of Alnwick was to create high-performing rods that were priced right in the middle of the road; affordable, yet not cheaply-made; able to stand up to the fishing England offered, without taking out a loan; Greys of Alnwick put fishing first when it came to product design. Combining excellent quality with a value-driven mindset, Malcolm and his company quickly gained popularity in the world of fly fishing, and his first claim to fame came when he created the Kielder series of fly rods–named after England’s largest forest and the biggest manmade lake in Northern Europe–English heritage was important to Malcolm and he was proud of the areas that helped turn him into the skilled angler he has always been. 

Following his success with the Kielder family of rods, Malcolm began to expand Greys of Alnwick into new lines of products. Malcolm started manufacturing fly lines and reels before he began making clothing to outfit the fly angler. Once he found success in these markets, Malcolm saw a need for high-quality carp rods and rods equipped for handling the saltwater environments found in the United Kingdom. This lead him to develop his line of “Power Play” carp rods and the “Hi-Power” sea rods. Just like when he made the Kielder series of rods, both of these offerings were greeted with success from the angling community, and these two rods helped establish Greys of Alnwick as one of the most esteemed fishing companies in the whole United Kingdom. 

Greys of Alnwick continued as a well-respected company under Malcom Grey’s ownership for years following these developments, and in 1999, the company was taken over by The House of Hardy. Quickly after Hardy took ownership of Greys, they created one of the best-selling fly rods in the United Kingdom with their GRX series. It wasn’t long before Hardy pushed their design work even further to create fly rods that are still highly coveted by today’s anglers in the likes of their: GRXi, Apollo, and Prodigy. 

By 2003, what started as a passion-project turned into a successful business by Malcolm Grey, became an integral part of Hardy’s company. So much so that Hardy renamed their enterprise from the “House of Hardy” to “Hardy & Greys Ltd.”

Hardy continued to apply state-of-the-art technology and top-notch R and D to Greys and they perpetually innovate some of the highest-quality rods and tech on the market. In 2012, they released their TOREON nano particle technology and worked it into a line of carp rods, which, like most things made by Greys since 1963, were highly applauded by the angling community. By 2013, Greys was made a part of the Pure Fishing family, which further allowed the company to be praised and grow on a national level. 

So where is Greys today? Well, actually not too far from where it began whenever Malcolm Grey set out to design high-quality rods with a mid-market pricepoint. As of 2023, Greys offers an expansive line of rods that equips the angler for anything from two-hand swinging on a river for salmon, light trout fishing, and they’ve even got a series of rods designed for all types of saltwater fishing. 

For the 2023 season, Greys launched a whole new assortment of rods. Replacing fan-favorites like the GR60 and GR80. Greys had some pretty big shoes to fill, but with all new rods like the Kite, Wing, and more, we think they did a solid job.

Lance - With their Lance series of rods, Greys salutes Malcolm Greys’ original plan of making high-performing mid-priced rods. Priced under $250 (and under $200 for some models), the Lance is a versatile fly rod that caters to your everyday fisherman. Ranging in line weights 3 through 8, Greys has an option in this series whether you’re looking to hit the tributaries of the Great Lakes for steelhead or work a small blue line for native trout. The Lance features a fast action with solid components like a double-uplocking reel seat and single-foot snake guides, while it also brings an aesthetic value through its grey color equipped with a finishing red thread wrap on the top guide. Packaged in a rod tube, the Lance is a reliable tool that’s ready for adventures both near and far. 

Available models: 

  • 7’6” 3 weight
  • 8’ 4 weight
  • 8’6” 5 weight
  • 9’ 5 weight 
  • 9’ 6 weight
  • 9’ 8 weight 
  • 9’ 6” 8 weight 

Kite - Greys’ Kite offers a bit of a bump up in price and features a bit more tech than their Lance. Just under $300 (and under $250 in the case of some models), the Kite maintains that middleground pricepoint while featuring some of Greys’ more advanced technology Remember the TOREON nano particle technology that they developed back in 2012? Well, it’s here to shine in the Kite family of rods. With this technology, Greys is able to make the Kite “lighter, stronger, and more responsive.” While that may seem like something that all rods claim these days, Greys proves that the proof is in the build by creating alternate dispersion in the resins and blank fibers in order to up the control over the carbon nano tunbes (CNTs) and improve features like flexural strength, stiffness, and damage-resistence by 10%-20%. Throw in lined stripping guides, a solid fast action, excellent accuracy, and all of the sensitivity you need for drifting nymphs, and you’ll find that the Kite is a do-it-all rod that you can take anywhere. Whether it’s their 9’6” 8 weight to cast large streamers at pike or their 7’ 3 weight to drift small caddis below plunge pools, there’s an option in the Kite family for it all. 

Available models: 

  • 7’ 3 weight
  • 8’ 4 weight
  • 7’ 5 weight
  • 8’6” 5 weight
  • 9’ 5 weight
  • 8’ 6 weight
  • 9’ 6 weight
  • 9’ 7 weight
  • 9’ 8 weight 
  • 9’6” 8 weight

Kite Switch - Moving right along on the Kite family tree, Greys makes their Kite Switch series of rods to accommodate all of your two-handed fishing. A performance-focused switch rod, the Kite Switch is a compact two-hand option that works great at bombing casts in tight quarters, or whenever you just don’t want to bump up to a full 13’ rod. Just like the single-hand Kite, the Kite Switch utlizes Grey’s TOREON nano particle technology, which as you know, makes this rod “lighter, stronger, and more responsive.” Built with a medium action, this rod is perfect for the beginner that wants to feel the rod load and hone their casting, yet it maintains all of the performance that you’d want if you’re a more seasoned two-hand caster. Made in line weights 6 through 8 with solid components like an AAA Grade cork handle, lined stripping guides, and an alloy reel seat, the Kite Switch is a reliable choice everywhere you take it. 

Available models: 

  • 11’ 1” 6 weight
  • 11’ 1” 7 weight
  • 11’ 1” 8 weight

Kite Spey - When you’re swinging up freshly run fish–from steelhead to salmon and everything in between–Greys’ Kite Spey is a beast of a rod that can handle them all. The Kite Spey is designed to handle large rivers and make those longshot casts all the way to the other bank, but it’s an equally great tool when you’re looking to overhead cast in more salty environments. Like the rest of the Kite family, the Kite Spey also utilizes Greys’ TOREON nano particle technology to make this rod ““lighter, stronger, and more responsive” while also increasting the flex strength and resistance to damage. The Kite Spey has a medium action and features lined stripping guides–for added line shootabilty–an alloy reel seat to combat saltwater, and it’s packaged in a rod bag and tube that’s perfect for the annual salmon trip that requires a fly-in in order to reach the destination. 

Available models: 

  • 13’ 8/9 weight
  • 14’ 9/10 weight
  • 15’ 10/11 weight

Wing Streamflex - Replacing the beloved GR80, Greys’ set out ot make the Wing Streamflex a versatile series of rods for nearly all freshwater applications. Made with a fast action, the Wing Streamflex makes it easy to haul into blustery conditions, all while providing pinpoint accuracy and all of the sensitivity needed to successfully nymph runs, pockets, pools, and more. Built on a 3M Powerlux Carbon Blank, this rod implements the Powerlux resin to increase stiffness and increase strength of the material by 60%, all while decreasing the weight of the rod. The Wing Streamflex is made in a wide range of freshwater-applicable lengths and weights, giving you an option for it all. If you’re looking to chuck meat into tailouts, the 9’6 weight has you covered; if you’re looking to throw small terrestrials at wild trout, it’s hard to beat the 7’ 3 weight, and regardless of what else your season holds, there’s a good chance that Greys makes a Wing Streamflex that handles it. 

Available models: 

  • 10’ 2 weight
  • 9’8” 2/3 weight
  • 6’6” 3 weight
  • 7’ 3 weight
  • 9’ 3 weight
  • 10’ 3 weight
  • 10’6” 3 weight 
  • 7’6” 4 weight
  • 8’ 4 weight
  • 9’ 4 weight
  • 10’ 4 weight
  • 8’6” 5 weight
  • 9’ 5 weight
  • 10’ 5 weight
  • 9’ 6 weight

Wing Travel - The Wing Travel series of rods takes all of the benefit to the entire Wing series and provides compact and travel-ready options. Featuring the same build and technology as the rest of their Wing lineup, the Wing Travel is a powerful rod that boats the 3M Powerlux Carbon Blank in order to increase stiffness and increase strength of the material by 60% while decreasing the weight of the rod– a construction that’s equally beneficial for fishing as it is traveling. Offering options for travel-friendly Spey rods, saltwater rods, and freshwater rods, there’a model in the Wing Travel for all of your fishing needs. And you can rest easy knowing that these 6-piece rods pack into a convenient travel tube for safe storing whether your rod is packed into a tiny cargo plane or strapped onto your backpack for the next two weeks. 

Available models: 

  • 11’ 3 weight
  • 9’ 5 weight
  • 11’4”5 weight
  • 9’ 8 weight
  • 14’ 8/9 weight

Wing Salt - Designed to handle nearly all of the saltwater fly fishing out there, Greys’ Wing Salt is an excellent tool whether you’re sending small crustaceans in front of mudding bonefish or casting large articulated streamers into a blitz of striped bass and blues. The Wing Salt is made with a fast action to help you launch large flies and handle the unpredictable weather often found in the salt. A rod built to stand up to tough fish, harsh conditions, and flies of any size/weight, while remaining light in hand and offering solid precision and accuracy, you can count on this rod for most salwater applications. Made with the 3M Powerlux Carbon Blank, this construction increases stiffness and increases the strength of the material by 60% while decreasing the weight of the rod–couple that with an Alloy reel seat and you’ll quickly see why the Wing Salt is such a versatile beast when it comes to the salt. 

Available models: 

  • 9’ 7 weight
  • 9’ 8 weight
  • 9’ 9 weight
  • 9’ 10 weight
  • 9’ 11 weight
  • 9’ 12 weight

Wing Trout Spey - A very versatile assortment of two-handed rods, with their Wing Trout Spey, Greys’ set out to create a rod that’s equally useful for swinging as it is increasing control over dry fly drifts and and completing technical mends. Made in a variety of lightweight options, the Wing Trout Spey is light enough to handle single-hand casting, and with their additional length, it increases ease-of-use and efficiency when drifting dry flies over long pools or nymphs through diverse currents. And when you want to get back to the basics, this family of rods swings streamers and wetflies like no other. Made with a 3M Powerlux Carbon Blank, this rod, like the rest of the Wing series, increases stiffness and strength by 60% while keeping things nice and light in hand. From aggressive smallmouth bass eating on the swing to an afternoon hatch of olives on a large river, the Wing Trout Spey is ready for it all. 

Available models: 

  • 10’10” 2 weight
  • 11’ 3 weight
  • 11’2” 4 weight
  • 11’4” 5 weight

Wing Spey - Built to handle large fish in even larger rivers, Greys designed their Wing Spey for those time when you find yourself in the pattern of cast, swing, and step in preparation for the next eat. Ready for all of your salmon and steelhead adventures, the Wing Spey is built for making long casts, maintaining excellent line control through your whole drift, and having the power needed to bring the lumber to aggressive and fresh fish. A blank built with 3M Powerlux Carbon Tech, this rod has an increased strength and stiffness by 60% with an ultra-light feel in hand. Made in a variety of heavy-duty line weights, the Wing Spey is ready for everything from overhead casting at the river mouth to swinging flies down deep upstream for fresh Atlantics. 

Available models: 

  • 12’6” 7/8 weight
  • 13’3” 8/9 weight
  • 14’6” 9/10 weight