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  1. Echo Shadow II Fly Rod
  2. Echo ION XL Fly Rod
  3. Echo River Glass Fly Rod
  4. Echo Shadow X Fly Rod
  5. Echo Trout Fly Rod
  6. Echo EPR Fly Rod
  7. Echo Boost Fly Rod
  8. Echo Prime Fly Rod
  9. Echo Base Fly Rod
  10. Echo Dry Fly Rod
  11. Echo Lago Fly Rod
  12. Echo Trout Spey Fly Rod
  13. Echo TR2 Spey Rod
  14. Echo SR Switch Rod
  15. Echo OHS Fly Rod
  16. Echo Boost Beach Fly Rod
  17. Echo Full Spey Fly Rod
  18. Echo Gecko Fly Rod
  19. Echo Compact Spey Fly Rod
  20. Echo Trip Fly Rod
  21. Echo King Spey Rod
  22. Echo Traverse Fly Rod Kit
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Echo is a small fly fishing company based in Vancouver, Washington. Echo is owned by Rajeff Sports and is the vision of Tim Rajeff - casting expert, avid fly fisherman, long time Alaskan fishing guide, and world traveler. Echo makes a variety of both single-handed fly rods and two hand rods. Single-handed Echo fly rods include the Sadow II, Echo 3, EPR, ION XL, Bad Ass Glass, and many more. Echo switch and Spey rods include the Full Spey, TR2 Spey, SR Switch, Boost Beach, Glass Spey & Switch, and more.

The Echo 3 fly rod series features powerful rods that are fast-action and encourage a quick casting stroke. This series from Echo encourages castability at both short and long distances and is a testament to Rajeff’s expertly designed rods. Low swing weight helps improve presentation and reduce fatigue from long days on the water. The Echo 3 freshwater fly rod series has an extremely diverse set of rods ranging from a 7’ 6” 3wt trout rod to a 10’ 8wt Steelhead and Salmon rod. The Echo 3 rod series is a popular freshwater mid-priced fly rod and reflects the Echo brand well.

Echo calls the Full Spey a “full-length, light, fast action flagship of the fleet”. The Full Spey rod series reflects Echo’s ability to build superb, strong, light, fast Spey rods. Built primarily for Salmon and Steelhead, the Full Spey is well-balanced and built to encourage two-handed casts for days on end. The Full Spey is a high-powered rod with a crisp medium-fast action, perfect for Scandi or Skagit. This series represents Echo’s rod making versatility and adds to the overall brand image.

Echo also makes single-handed saltwater fly rods. One of the most well-known Echo saltwater fly rod series is the EPR. This series is an uber-fast rod with a fast tip that encourages easy loading at short distances and incredible power at long distances. The EPR helps tighten fly line loops and increase line speed to cut through any saltwater conditions. The rod generates loads of power from its fast-action blank and allows anglers to attack any saltwater scenario with confidence and ease. The EPR comes in rod sizes from a 9’ 6wt up to a 9’ 12wt. Do you need a trusty saltwater fly rod series? Choose the Echo EPR.

Another popular Echo two-hander is the Boost Beach. The Boost Beach is a more specialized series from Echo, and reflects the company’s ability to make flagship all-purpose rods and highly specialized rods alike. The Boost Beach rod was created with the intention of making hero casts in high wind with big flies easier. Although the name may suggest differently, this two-handed rod is made for both fresh and saltwater applications and is perfect for casting all day on Pyramid Lake or surf casting into a strong headwind on your favorite beach.

Echo also makes a specialty freshwater rod series called the Echo Dry Fly Rod. The Dry caters to anglers who often fish low rod weights, light tippet, and dry fly patterns. This rod is specifically designed for casting at important trout distances. The rod sports a medium-fast action which accommodates a large range of casting strokes. These rods are also extremely well-balanced and perform well when matched with a regular fly line. Rajeff’s expertise shines through in the design of the Dry and these rods work well when fished in relevant conditions.

Just a short overview of some of Echo’s rod offerings allows insight into the dynamic and innovative workings of Echo Fly Rods. Echo design is always purpose-driven and Tim Rajeff is an expert at designing the right rod for a multitude of fishing scenarios. Echo prides itself on fly rod affordability and offers some of the best mid-priced rods in the industry today. Tim Rajeff has been in the fly fishing industry for a long time, and his expertise, experience, and professionalism add a huge advantage to all Echo fly rods. Whether you’re presenting small flies to eager Cutthroat Trout or making long casts into the wind from a beach for Stripers, Echo has a rod for you. Try Echo rods today, you won’t be disappointed.