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  1. Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reel and 2 Spare Spools
    Special Price $209.99 was $209.99
  2. Galvan Torque Spare Spool
  3. Orvis Hydros Spare Spool
  4. Sage Spectrum C Spare Spool
  5. Lamson Liquid/Remix Spare Spool
    Special Price $54.99 was $54.99
  6. Galvan Rush Light Spare Spool
  7. Lamson Center Axis Spare Spool
  8. Redington Behemoth Spare Spool
  9. Nautilus CCF-X2 Spare Spool
  10. Orvis Battenkill Disc Spare Spool
  11. Ross Evolution LTX Spare Spool
  12. TFO BVK SD Spare Spool
  13. Seigler Fly Reel Spare Spool
  14. Ross Evolution R Spare Spool
  15. Sage Spectrum LT Spare Spool
  16. Lamson Speedster S Spare Spool
  17. Orvis Battenkill Spare Spool
  18. Lamson Remix 3 Pack Fly Reel and 2 Spare Spools
    Special Price $289.99 was $289.99
  19. Sage Trout Spey Spare Spool
  20. Orvis Clearwater Spare Spool
  21. Echo Bravo Spare Spool
  22. Nautilus X-Series Spare Spool
  23. TFO NTR Spare Spool
  24. Tibor Spare Spool
  25. Sage Spectrum Spare Spool
    Special Price $109.60 was $137.00
  26. Hardy Marquis LWT Spare Spool
  27. Orvis Mirage Spare Spool
  28. Loop Opti Spare Spool
    Special Price $220.00 was $220.00
  29. Ross Animas Spare Spool
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Spare fly reel spools allow an angler to switch lines, change setups, and keep up with changing water conditions. Are you chasing multiple species in the salt? A spare spool will allow you to catch a Bonefish and quickly switch to a Permit fly line setup. Euro nymphing on a western river during a dry fly hatch? A spare spool will allow you to fish nymphs and switch over to a dry fly setup when the hatch picks up. Spare spools are a huge advantage for any angler in a multitude of fly fishing scenarios. Here at Trident, we have a huge collection of spare spools from Orvis to Hatch and just about everything in between. Spare spools are purchased separately from a fly reel; choose your reel and reel size in a spare spool to get the proper substitutional fit.

Orvis makes a variety of popular fly reels. We have the complete collection of spare spools for every Orvis reel. If you fish a Battenkill, Orvis Hydros SL, Clearwater, or a Mirage we have the spool for you. All spool match with specific reels. If you’re unsure which spool to order, give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Similarly, we have the complete collection of Galvan spare spools. Galvan reels are insanely reliable and very popular in saltwater and freshwater fishing circles. Galvans are also used in tournament fishing and casting. We carry the Galvan Torque Tournament Spare Spool to fit with the Torque Tournament reel. Whether you’re a tournament angler or just fishing for fun in the salt, we have spare spools to keep you versatile on the water.

Hardy Fly Reels are another popular reel choice in the industry today. We have 11 different spare spool models made by Hardy, from the Ultralite CADD to the Fortuna XDS and everything in between. Hardy reels are historically made in England. Hardy makes some of the most high-performing fly reels we carry here at Trident. Shop the complete collection of Hardy spare spools today with our price match guarantee.

Another hugely popular fly fishing reel company right now is Waterworks-Lamson. Lamson makes some serious freshwater reels that we use and love here at Trident. Most of our rod reviews are filmed with the Lamson Litespeed, a reel perfect for 5wt fly rods. We have a full collection of Litespeed spare spools along with other popular Lamson reels including the Guru, Liquid, and many more.

Our collection of spare spools is pretty vast. If you’re looking for a spool, chances are we have it. If you don’t see a spool on the website, give us a quick call at the Trident headquarters and we’ll be sure to answer any/all spool related questions. Shop for spare spools today at and recieve FREE SHIPPING on all US orders and our price match guarantee. Get your extra spool now.