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Ross has been making fly reels since 1973. Today, Ross fly reels are manufactured in Colorado. Ross stands by their motto “made on the water” and their location in Colorado ensures optimal field testing. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to design and innovation have resulted in some of the very best reels on the market today. Ross’ rigorous testing and team of industry experts contribute to the fly fishing industry in big ways. Ross reels are lighter, stronger, larger, and more functional than others in the industry. The LTX, for example, has a drag that is four times stronger than the LT. Ross has left no detail unnoticed in the production of their resume of reels and the variety of reel models made by Ross means they have a reel for every angler.

The Ross Animas is perhaps Ross’ most well-known reel series. The Animas sports an all-new cutting-edge design with new manufacturing techniques developed by Ross. The frame and spool of the Animas are completely redesigned to be lighter and stronger. Ross’ new porting is a large reason for the reel’s lightweight design. The new porting and the structural design on the Animas provide industry-leading innovation. The Animas also includes an ultra-light canvas phenolic handle. Finally, the completely revamped composite drag system on the new Animas delivers fish stopping power like never before.

The Ross Evolution R Salt is a flagship saltwater reel series from Ross. The R Salt is designed for maximum performance and durability in a saltwater environment. One of the most innovative qualities of the R Salt is its drag system. Ross has put an insane supercharged 16-disc sealed drag system in the R Salt. The system is comprised of carbon fluoropolymer and stainless steel making it virtually indestructible. The drag system has a crazy 30 pounds of drag pressure. That’s incredibly strong. You may think such a monstrous drag system makes the reel heavy. Quite the opposite, actually. The drag system is housed in an expertly ported lightweight frame. I could go on and on about the R Salt. Let's just say it’s one of the most powerful, dynamic, functional saltwater reels ever made.

Ross also makes a classic click and pawl reel, the Colorado LT. The LT is a beautiful combination of traditional style and contemporary innovation. Modern click and pawl reels are increasingly popular and Ross has designed a quietly functional classic in the LT. The LT is simple with only 15 different parts in total. Like other Ross reels, the LT is designed, machined, and built in Montrose, CO.

Another traditionally styled reel from Ross is the Gunnison. The Gunnison reel series was inspired by the Gunnison River close to the Ross headquarters. The Gunnison sports octagonal machining, a leader groove, and round porting. The thoughtfulness and style of Ross reels are evident in the Gunnison. This reel is not just a work of art, however. The Gunnison is also reliable, rugged, and efficient on the water. Rugged durability meets artful design, a trademark of Ross.

Ross’ history, tradition, and innovation continue to make big waves in the fly fishing industry. If you’re not convinced Ross makes some of the best reels, try one for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Ross Reels come with FREE SHIPPING on all US orders and our price match guarantee. Shop Now!