Packs, Bags & Vests

Packs, Bags & Vests

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One of the most important tools in fly fishing is a place to store gear, flies, and lunch while you’re on the water. For many years, an old-fashioned vest was customary to store fly boxes, tools, and other accessories. In more recent history, however, the production of packs and vests with more room for flies, food, and tools have taken fly fishing by storm. Backpacks, sling packs, chest packs, vests, and a variety of other pack styles are typical in the industry today and we carry a large selection including the top brands. 


Some of the largest names in fly fishing packs and vests include Simms, Orvis, Fishpond, and many more. We carry a variety of pack styles including waterproof packs, hip packs, chest packs, sling packs, and backpacks. Every pack has its pros and cons so we decided to carry the largest selection possible to allow the angler to have a pack for every situation to choose from. 


If you’re a day-trip angler who spends most of his/her time fly fishing for the day, a smaller pack like the Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack is a great pack for short day trips on western rivers or your favorite backyard stream. This pack, while technically a chest pack, features hip straps for extra support and can be worn as either a hip pack or a chest pack. If you prefer a sling pack for your daylong outing, choose the Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack. This pack is an affordable alternative to other more expensive waterproof sling packs, the perfect option for the casual angler. 


If you’re more serious about fly fishing, and about your gear game, we have some hardcore, extremely durable packs, too. Take the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack for example. This pack is built to be completely waterproof, fully submersible, and the perfect pack for the hardcore saltwater angler or the traveling angler. This pack keeps your tools and gear dry and allows you to focus on the reason you came: chasing trophy fish. 


If you’re an angler who prefers traditional style and an old-fashioned aesthetic, perhaps a vest is more up your alley. If you’re a simplistic angler who prefers a classy look, choose the Orvis Clearwater Fishing Vest for an old-fashioned look and solid performance. If you want a more functional vest that provides more storage and all the bells and whistles, choose the Simms G3 Guide Vest. The G3 Guide Vest features a whopping 24 total pockets, lightweight Cordura nylon ripstop, cooling mesh, and many more features that will make your day more productive on the water. 


Regardless of how you prefer to carry your gear on the river, we’ve got a vest or a pack for you. And if you’re looking for insulated vests to wear on the river and out on the town, we’ve got those in this category, too. Check out the Orvis Men’s Pro Insulated Vest or the Simms Midstream Insulated Vest. You’ll be warm on the water and stylish in town. 


The best part about buying a vest or a pack from us? They all come with FREE SHIPPING and a price match guarantee that makes sure you’re getting the best prices every time. Don’t delay, Shop Now!