Fish-Skull Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig

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A genius invention put together by Capt. Gary Dubiel, Fish-Skull’s Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig is easy to use and creates a splash that’s tough for fish to resist. Taking inspiration from conventional cork popping rigs, Capt. Gary developed this simple system by applying a foam cylinder to an articulated shank--the end result is a system that allows you to create a popping commotion while fishing a different fly below. Combining the surface commotion with a subsurface fly is simplified by attaching your tippet to the shank’s ring and tying your fly below. Although this rig was initially designed for catching large redfish, the Pop-N-Fly Rig has proven itself to catch a multitude of predatory species ranging from striped bass and pike all the way to cobia. Both effective and a whole lot of tun, Fish-Skull’s Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig is something that should be brought on the water anytime predatory fish are the target. 



The Fish-Skull Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig is really used to create commotion while allowing the angler to fish a different subsurface pattern. And despite the Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig having one main purpose, it does it incredibly well, and depending on how you impart motion into the rig, you can achieve a range of different surface commotions. 



Fish-Skull’s Saltwater Pop-N-Fly Rig sits in a league of its own and no other material has ever set out to achieve the same goal. While you can fish other surface poppers, no other material allows you to fish a subsurface fly while creating this type of surface disturbance. River Road’s Foam Cylinders give a similar profile, but they are designed to be affixed to the hook’s shank and don’t allow for the angler to easily fish a different fly deeper in the water. 

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