EP Roosterfish Fly

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Size: #3/0 (5.5" Length), #4/0 (7" Length)

When you’re starting into the surf waiting for those icon fins to show, the last thing that you need to worry about when they finally show is whether or not your fly passes muster, luckily, the EP Roosterfish Fly is just the right pattern for these tough gamefish. The EP Roosterfish Fly is a fly with a large profile that matches prominent baitfish like sardines and mullet, which are both favorites of the rooster fish. This is a fly that’s designed to shed water quickly so that you can easily pick up and make another cast before the opportunity flees, and with the addition of a realistic set of eyes and natural color schemes, this fly gives a subtle presentation that won’t spook these finicky fish. 


The EP Roosterfish Fly is an easy fly to present and it works best with a stripped retrieve; however, when pursuing tough fish, it’s important to vary your retrieve until you find what the fish want. While the EP Roosterfish Fly was crafted with rooster fish in mind, it’s a fly that you can use for a variety of species like snook, tarpon, striped bass, and more. From the Baja surf to a remote stretch of Peru, the EP Roosterfish Fly isn’t one that you don’t want to leave behind. 

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